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Our Weekly Roundup #6

Half Term 

It was nice to spend some more time with Izzy while she was off school for half term, but she was pleased to go back and see her classmates yesterday! I was working for some of the week and Izzy was with her grandparents and Clara at nursery, so we didn’t get to do much, but we did manage to fit in a play date with a couple of friends. Both girls were really excited to have friends over to play and typically got out every single toy they own! But they all had a lot of fun. As the weather was pretty awful we also got to spend some quite lazy time together – lazy mornings in bed, watching films on the sofa, and the kids did some yoga (well, Izzy copied the yoga moves from YouTube, while Clara tried to join in!)


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Our Weekly Roundup #5

We spent Valentine’s Day in  the Lake District, enjoying some (very cold) fresh air, sausage rolls by the lake, and babycinos afterwards. Clara insisted on drinking her warm milk out of a big cup and looked so cute. She kept clinking cups with me and saying ‘cheers’!



The girls made some lovely Valentine’s cards (although Izzy gave the one she made to her cousin!) and were excited to get a gift and chocolate rose from Mummy and Daddy. (more…)

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20 Month Update

Over the past two months, since our 18 month update, Clara has learnt loads of new words – hot, cold, snack, bag, school, Peppa, ‘Jor’ (George Pig), Doc (McStuffins), fish, shoes, socks, more, again. She’s even started putting words together, two or three at a time – “Shoe on”, “don’t know”, “want milk”, “Daddy’s car” “Bel gone school”. She tells me if she’s cold, if her food is hot, if she wants a drink or snack. When I get in the house she insists “Shoe off” and “Coat off”.


Her favourite story at the moment is ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. Nursery have been reading it to her, as when I started to she already knew it and said ‘Uh Oh’ and ‘Oh No’ in the right places. Now we have to read it pretty much every night before bed. (more…)

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Our Weekly Roundup #4

It’s been wet and windy this week, making for miserable school runs! There has also been a lot of cake (baking and eating) as I helped out at Izzy’s school fundraiser, and a lot of dancing as Izzy practices for her second medal test in a few weeks. Generally it’s been a very quiet week, and as I don’t have much news I’d hoped to make this a photo-heavy post, but after looking through my phone and camera I realised I’m getting really bad at taking photos. As in, I don’t take enough. I really need to learn a few of the features on my new camera and remember to take more photos of the girls, even when they are just doing every day, normal things.

wpid-img_20160129_085430.jpg (more…)

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Our Weekly Roundup #3

Learner of the Week 
Since starting school in September, every single week Izzy has come home and told me who the Learner of the Week is – not just for her class but for all 5 classes. She tells me partly with excitement for her friends, and partly with disappointment. Sometimes she will ask what she can do to get picked, and tell us her plans for ‘trying harder’.

So when she came bounding through the door on Monday with her certificate, screeching in a pitch only dogs could hear, we knew this was a pretty big deal for her. She was picked as Learner of the Week for her hard work in phonics, and told us how excited she was when her name was called out in assembly. She dragged me into her classroom to show me the special hoodie that she got to wear all week and was just over the moon. “I can’t believe it, Mummy! I can’t believe I am finally Learner of the Week!

DSC_0431 (more…)

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