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8 ways to keep kids active when it’s raining

Kids, like adults, need to keep active. According to NHS guidelines, children under 5 should be moving for at least 3 hours a day – this includes light intensity activity (walking and standing), as well as higher intensity activity (running, jumping, dancing, swimming etc).

When its raining outside it can be easy to spend the entire day stuck in the same room, doing static activities and generally being lazy. And I do love lazy days. However, any type of movement is better than none, so here are some simple ways to help keep the kids – and you – active even when its horrible weather outside.

  1. Try some yoga with Cosmic Kids on YouTube. The videos use storytelling to create gentle and fun yoga routines for children. Even Clara tries to join in!


How to Make a Memory Jar

A memory jar is a cute way to store and display some keepsakes and mementos from baby’s first year.

  1. Find a large jar and lid. For her birthday, Clara was given a pair of pyjamas in a jar – when we went to use the pyjamas the jar was too cute to just throw away, and that’s what gave me the idea of reusing it as a memory jar! You could either buy a jar, or recycle one. Just make sure that if it has had food in you give it a really good wash and sterilize it before putting your precious keepsakes inside. Warm, soapy water will easily remove sticky labels.P1100948