Looking for a last minute Easter craft to keep the kids busy this weekend? These egg shaped decorations are fairly easy to make (although a little messy!) and you only need 3 things.

You will need:

  • Wool or embroidery thread in different colours (we used thread)
  • Water balloons (normal balloons might do the trick, just inflated very small)
  • PVA glue

1. Inflate the balloons – not too big as it will be hard to keep the shape of the thread once the balloon is burst.

2. Pop some pva glue into a bowl

3. Cut some long lengths of embroidery thread or wool – at least a metre – or you could just wrap around one long continuous piece from the whole ball of wool/pack of thread. Seperate lengths may be easier for children to manage though, plus they can use different colours.

4. Put the thread or wool into the pva glue, making sure it is well coated.

5. Wrap the thread or wool around the balloon, making sure the gaps are even and it overlaps in lots of places, forming a net like structure.

6. Leave to dry for about 24 hours or until the thread feels hard.

7. Carefully pop the balloons. They are likely to stick to the thread due to the glue, so you will need to peel away the balloon. The thread structure will start to cave in on itself a little as you remove the balloons so just carefully use your fingers to make it back into an egg shape.

8. Pop in a bowl as a colourful table decoration, make tons and fasten them together to make an Easter wreath, or like us, hang them on an Easter tree (aka a random bit of branch we lobbed off a bush in the garden).


  • Using a bit more thread would make stronger egg shapes, but smaller gaps would also make it harder to remove the balloon so you may need to use tweezers.
  • Make sure you definitely leave them long enough to dry – if you are tempted to pop the balloons too early, the structure will just fall in on itself.
  • You could add glitter to the glue to make sparkly egg decorations.

Happy Easter everyone!

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