Josie is 8 months old now and loves going in the bath. She has outgrown her baby bath so when we had the opportunity recently to review a Summer Bath Seat we thought we would give it a try. We were kindly gifted the seat in return for an honest review.

We needed something that would allow Josie to move from a baby bath tub to a proper bath, would support her and stop her from slipping or falling over. Using a bath seat gives you both hands free for washing you baby, and stops you having to try and keep hold of a slippery, wriggly baby once they start moving around more.

One thing I was concerned about was finding a seat that would be big enough for Josie – in the nicest possible way that baby has thighs a sumo wrestler would be proud of and I didn’t want her legs to get squashed getting in and out of the seat. The Summer Bath Seat has plenty of leg room, so she isn’t squashed and has plenty of space to kick around in the water. There’s plenty of growing space too so I’m hoping the seat will fit her until she is old enough to sit in the bath herself.

Even though there is plenty of space it still feels like she is safe and secure in the seat, which gives me both hands free to wash her and entertain her with her bath toys.

The seat fits into the bath using 3 adjustable arms. It’s easy to fit – you just turn the arms until they extend and the suction cups are pressed securely against the sides of the bath. To remove the seat, you pull a tab to release the suction cups then turn the arms to extract them. There’s an indicator on the side to show what level the water should be at in order to comply with safety advice.

The Summer Bath Seat is available to buy for £29.99. You can buy the seat here, plus view a video which shows how to install it. 

We were gifted the Summer Bath Seat in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Great review for moms. Lovely. We have the same bath seat for kid. a baby bath on the basis that they not take up too much room in bath room. He only really started to enjoy it now that he’s a year old and decided that he loves to play in the water.

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