So I’ve been very quiet on the blog and social media lately. And that’s because I’ve spent the majority of the last few months feeling exhausted and always within grabbing distance of the sick bucket. But if ever there is an occasion where 24/7 vomming is a good thing, this is it.

Yep, I’m growing a human. A new addition which will make us a family of five. It’s been a rough start to an otherwise very exciting time of our lives, but I’m over the worst of the sickness now (touch wood) and feeling so much better so this is my first blog post in around 3 months!

The girls are over the moon. They have been pestering us for a while about having a sibling, and Clara even told me the week before I did a pregnancy test that there was a baby in my tummy (and even told a few people the “news” which I had to deny!). Once we did find out, it was so hard to keep it a secret from the kids, but we knew that waiting until the 12 week scan was for the best.

Once we had the scan and knew that all was going well, we took the kids out for tea after school. Their Dad said that I had something to tell them, and straight away Izzy squeaked “You’re pregmant!” (It’s so cute how she can’t quite say pregnant!)

She completely lost it. Hysterical crying, tears streaming down her face. Happy tears. Absolutely over the moon tears. She kept saying this was the second best day of her life – the first being when Clara was born – and thanking us for letting her have a baby brother or sister. We knew that she would be happy but neither of us quite expected that reaction!

Clara was a bit quieter. On seeing Izzy cry she started to cry too, but insisted she didn’t want a baby after all, as she is the baby. That didn’t last long though and within a couple of days she was telling people how she was going to be a big sister and telling me how much she loved her little baby Shrimpy – our little nickname for our new addition.

Now, one month later and she’s still very much in love with the idea of having a little brother or  sister. She hugs my very rapidly growing bump every day and always says goodnight to Shrimpy. She sings songs to my belly and will talk about what it’s going to be like when the baby is here. She’s also asking a lot of questions and enjoys looking at a book we have called “What’s inside your tummy, Mummy?”. She’s really taken to the whole thing very well, I just hope her enthusiasm continues once the baby is here.

Izzy is still very excited, and has made it her mission to tell everyone she sees. Even complete strangers. Mostly though she is adamant that we are having a boy and calling it Dave. Now, no offence to all the Daves out there – it’s a good solid name – but it’s not making the short list! Neither is “Cheesy Carrot” – Clara’s name of choice for a girl. Needless to say, neither girls will be getting the final say when it comes to picking a name!

The cutest thing is overhearing the two of them talk about their new sibling. They will discuss names, the places they want to take the baby, what toys they want to buy – and also how many sausage rolls Mummy is allowed. Izzy thinks that eating two sausage rolls is just Mummy being greedy, while Clara very nicely sticks up for me and insists that it’s okay because one of those is for Shrimpy. I’ve taught her well!

It’s going to seem like a very long pregnancy when I’m asked almost daily how long it is until the baby will get here, but it’s really nice that Izzy and Clara get to experience this with us.

It has meant a few awkward questions from Izzy, which I like to think I’ve handled okay – she’s asked about how the baby gets out. I was as honest as I could be without scarring her for life. She then asked how the baby got in there, but I told her that was enough biology for one day and quickly changed the subject. She’s only 7 so I’m not quite ready for that conversation just yet!


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