We love playing games as a family; its nice to take some time out from rushing about and just sit down for some quality time together. When we were sent the game “Don’t be a Donkey” to try out recently, the kids couldn’t wait to play it.

There are two ways to play this game – if there are only 2 players the game is essentially snap. For 3-4 players, the game involves passing on a card to the next player until one player has a set of 4 matching cards. In either game, as soon as a match is made the player shouts Donkey and everyone has to grab a carrot as quick as they can – but of course there aren’t enough for everyone so the player who doesn’t get a carrot loses that round.

To make it even more fun, each player wears a pair of donkey ears on a headband, and every time you lose a round you put up one ear. On the third time of losing, you have to wear the donkey mask. Izzy and Clara found this hilarious – especially when I had to wear it as I wasn’t quick enough and lost to the kids! Even when just Clara and I were playing it she still managed to beat me more than I’d care to admit!

It’s not always easy to find a game that’s suitable for everyone, but even Clara, who is three, picked up the rules pretty quickly. Each round is fairly short as you just play until somebody gets a set of matching cards, but you can keep playing as many rounds as you like. It doesn’t take long to set up at all so its a good game to play even if you don’t have much time.

It’s always good to find a game that everyone enjoys playing and that the kids are happy to play together. It makes a nice difference from them fighting over what to watch on the tv, and as Izzy has been playing out with her friends a lot more lately I know Clara feels left out at times so she loves any chance she gets to play with her big sister. They both really enjoyed the game and I’m sure it will become a firm favourite – it will be especially funny to get the grandparents playing it at Christmas!

If you are looking for a fun, family friendly game to buy for the kids (and the grownups!) this year, I’d definately recommend Don’t Be a Donkey. It’s available to buy from Amazon. For more reviews and information about other games that are available, visit the IDEAL Games Facebook page!

We were kindly sent this game to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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