Autumn is here and its getting cold – and cosy. I don’t mind the dark nights when I’m safely at home, but its pretty rubbish driving home from work in the dark. Still, it’s a sure sign that it’s not too long until Christmas, and this month I’ve been making progress with present shopping – and putting together some Christmas Gift Guide blog posts to share some inspiration. So check out my round-up of personalised photo gift ideas and favourite subscription boxes.

  • The best thing that happened this month was that we had our first Halloween in our new home. This meant that the girls could really get into trick or treating and they loved getting dressed up and visiting the neighbours’ houses – almost as much as they loved answering the door to all the ghosts and ghouls! Clara dressed as a skeleton (and finally agreed to let me paint her face as a skeleton, after days of insisting she wanted to be a tiger), while Izzy was a bat/witch (I’m not really sure what her outfit was supposed to be!) They are properly at home here and Clara showed that by the way she was running up the street as fast as her little legs would go, announcing whose house she wanted to go to next. She knows who lives where and wasn’t shy about knocking on doors (repeatedly in some cases!)

  • Halloween also gave us a great excuse to head up to Walby Farm Park for pumpkin picking. It was very muddy but much fun. As usual trying to get a nice photo of both kids was challenging – they find it impossible to smile at the same time! I did get a couple of good ones but either Clara’s putting on a silly sulking face or Izzy is screwing up her face to stop her glasses slipping down!
  • There is a huge slide in the soft play area and on the few occasions we have been, Izzy has talked about going on it but never plucked up the courage. This time, she must have went to the top of the slide a dozen times, sometimes even sitting on the edge of it, before changing her mind and climbing back down. She was determined but scared – and rightly so, as I wouldn’t go down it! Eventually though she climbed up, sat on the edge and let go – and I’ve never seen such a mix of terror, excitement and pride on someone’s face. She loved it, and of course once she had been on once she had to keep going on again, and again. Not to be outdone of course, Clara wanted to go on a slightly tamer (but still quite big!) wavy slide. The first time she went on with her Daddy, just to try it out, but then she kept going back, dragging the mat all the way up the stairs on her own and looking very pleased with herself.
  • This month the Hubby and I had a child-free night and went for a meal and then to see the comedian Henning When. It was a good night, very funny and nice to spend some time together.
  • During half term we went to see the My Little Pony movie at the cinema. It was actually quite good – the kids both really enjoyed it. They do love going to the cinema and Clara especially is really into My Little Pony at the moment.


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