I can’t believe it’s October already – how did that happen? It’s full on Autumn now, and the temperature is making sure we don’t forget it. This month we have Halloween to look forward too, and even though the kids have only been back at school for 5 minutes it will be half term before we know it. But here I’m taking a look back at September, and what we got up to:

  • Izzy went back to school after the Summer holidays, and is now in Year 2. She missed her friends and teachers loads, so she was really pleased to be back and so far is enjoying it. They have already had a Pirate themed week and a school trip to a local museum, so she’s certainly got off to a busy start.

  • Clara started pre-school, although its attached to the nursery she’s attended for the past couple of years, so it wasn’t really a big step for her. She’s started wearing a uniform, which is optional but she insisted she wanted to wear “a unicorn” like her friend!
  • Clara also started dance lessons this month and she is loving being a little ballerina. She has watched Izzy go to lessons for a while now and she’s been desperate to join in, so from her very first lesson she just got right up and started dancing. She wasn’t phased by it at all and has been practising at home her ballet positions and curtseys.
  • I had a weekend away with some friends, enjoying a catch up and lots of time in the hot tub – and prosecco. It was nice to spend some time with my friends, but I missed the kids after being away for 3 nights.
  • It’s been an Alpaca heavy month – I visited the Alpacas at the Lakes Distillery with Izzy and Clara, and then the next week went on an Alpaca walk with my friends at the Lingholm Estate. It was interesting to learn about the animals and they were very friendly. My friend and I even made an alpaca birthday cake! That was the second cake I made this month – the first was an avengers themed cake for a surprise 30th birthday.
  • We had a trip to A&E after Clara ran full speed into a door frame, resulting in a burst nose and lip, a big lump on her head and a black eye. She was totally fine but as she hit her head quite hard I thought it was best to get her checked out. 
  • We have well and truly settled in to our new home – after 3 months of living here we finally had a housewarming party and invited our new neighbours. It went down very well – there are two signs it was a good party. Firstly, Izzy fell asleep, glasses on, face down (and upside down) in bed dressed as an Elf at 2am, (which does make me worry somewhat for the teenage years) and secondly, the next morning the street was abandoned (lots of very tired children and a few hungover parents) except for a solitary green balloon blowing down the street that must have escaped the house the night before. Of course we spent the next day cleaning the whole house (I say “we”, I mean “I” cleaned while Hubby fell asleep on the sofa) and it was totally worth it as we got to meet everyone.

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