When we started talking about moving house, Clara wasn’t too impressed. She kept saying that she didn’t want to move and she liked our old house. One of the things that made her come round was the promise of a bigger bedroom, decorated any way she liked. Of course she wanted a dinosaur-themed room. She loves her new home now, and not just because of her dinosaur bedroom, although I think that helps!

Letting her pick her own theme and colours was the least we could do, given that little Clara-hand-me-down now has all of her big sister’s old furniture in her room, while Izzy got new things. She doesn’t seem to mind – especially as it meant trading in her toddler bed for a big girl one! We did buy her a few new things to make her room her own though, and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.

  • The first thing we bought was this bedding from George at Asda. I’ve seen a few dinosaur print duvet covers but I love that this one is pink and flowery – and perfectly matches her purple walls.
  • This alphabet wall sticker is from Etsy, and comes in lots of different colours. You can apply the whole sticker as it comes – or split it up to suit the space you have. I cut off the bottom row of dinosaur shapes so that I could put them elsewhere in the room.
  • I made the canvases, drawing the outlines of four different dinosaurs and painting them in pink and purple acrylic paint. Clara was so pleased when she saw them – she specifically requested that one featured a Pterodactyl and said the pictures were “fabulous”. (It makes me laugh that she even knows the word “Pterodactyl”.)
  • The coat hook is from Jigsaw Wooden Products, and has been personalised with Clara’s name. I was so pleased when I found this online as it looks great in her new room. They can be painted any colour on request and it didn’t take long to arrive – it’s perfect to hang her dressing gown on.
  • You just can’t beat Ikea for affordable toy storage. This Kallax storage unit is sturdy and comes in different sizes to suit any size room. It’s also easy to assemble (I did it all by myself, go me!) and there’s loads of space to both hide away toys in the big canvas boxes or display them on the shelves.
  • Another Ikea find was these book shelves – ideal for displaying Clara’s favourite dinosaur books, or they could be used for small toys.
  • To display more delicate trinkets out of the reach of curious hands, these super cute house-shaped shelves are from Great Little Trading Co. Okay so they are not dinosaur themed but still go really nice with Clara’s room – we had planned to put them up on the wall but I think we might just leave them like this for now. 

Clara really loves her dinosaur bedroom; she likes to show everyone who comes round and she’s really pleased that she got to pick some of the things herself. We’ve still got a few finishing touches to add – that wall is looking a bit bare so we could do with some more pictures and I’ve failed to find a nice pink or purple dinosaur rug to go at the end of her bed, but I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. Izzy went for a Harry Potter themed room – look out for a blog post about her room coming soon!



7 comments on “Roarsome Ideas for a Dinosaur Bedroom”

  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love the theme of this room and all of the little details. I wanted to get house shaped book shelves just like these, but it was out of my budget. Very cute room, thanks for sharing. #twinklytuesday

    • I bought those shelves when there was 25 percent off – still quite pricey but I’d wanted them for ages and couldn’t quite justify full price!

  2. Oh I just love this! At the moment my children share a room until we can move and being a 1 year old girl and 4 year old boy it’s hard to find something that would suit both. This has given me so much inspiration! #ThatFridayLinky

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