Holidays are a time for creating memories – and of course we want to capture some of those memories on camera. We love looking back at photos from our family holidays, so when Holiday Gems asked us to share one of our favourite holiday snaps, it was hard to pick just one.

We took this photograph in 2015. Izzy was 4 and it was our first trip to Albufeira in Portugal – and to the amazing Zoomarine.

Izzy really wanted to have her photo taken with one of the dolphins after the dolphin show. She was a little bit nervous but not enough to let it stop her. She waited patiently and when it was her turn she just had the most awe-struck look on her face. She was so excited and talked about it for ages afterwards – she claimed it felt like plastic! The following year we returned to Zoomarine and she got the opportunity to take part in the dolphin show – she sat in a boat which was pulled around the pool by two dolphins, and she gave one of them a kiss afterwards. It was an amazing experience and one I’m sure she will never forget.

So why is this photograph one of my favourites? Well, it sums up Izzy – always excited to experience new things and never one to shy away from an opportunity. During that holiday she also held a snake that was 2 metres long (she herself was little over a metre tall at the time), a huge iguana and a very cute chameleon. All things that I wouldn’t do! To me, getting the chance to try things that you wouldn’t normally do is what holidays are all about. My girls love going to new places, trying new activities, tasting new food and learning a few words of the language – it was so cute hearing Clara, who was only 2 when we returned to Portugal, saying “Obrigado” (Thank you) to people in cafes and shops.

Do you have a favourite holiday photograph?

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