And just like that the Summer holidays are over. It’s back to school on Monday and with that comes darker nights and the countdown to *whispers* Christmas. It feels a bit strange thinking about the festive season when it’s still months away, but some shops already have Christmas cards in. Already. What’s that about? I have to confess I’ve bought one present – I couldn’t resist buying a cute teddy wearing dinosaur pyjamas for Clara from a new gift shop that’s just opened in town. And the kids have started their lists already – Izzy would like an electric scooter and Clara wants a Jackson Storm car from Cars 3 – although I’m sure they will change their minds several times before it gets to December. But anyway, let’s not wish away the year. With any luck Summer isn’t quite over yet, even if the holidays are. So here’s what we got up to in August.

  • We spent the bank holiday weekend in Paris. By “we” I mean me and the Hubby. Yes, we got a whole 4 nights away from the kids, thanks to the in-laws. They asked a couple of months ago if they could look after the girls for a few nights at their house over the school holidays. They live in Manchester so they don’t get to see the girls that often. Great, I thought. We can spend a few days doing some decorating, adding the finishing touches to our new home. My Hubby had other ideas, suggesting a couple of nights in York. Somehow that quickly escalated to us booking to go to Paris. Well, we might as well make the most of having babysitters! It was amazing; I need to write a blog post about it but we did all the touristy things – went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, climbed the towers of Notre Dame, perused art at the Louvre and explored the River Seine by boat. In 4 days we walked almost 40 miles and we had a great time. As nice as it was though, it felt so good to get back home and see Izzy and Clara again.
  • Not that we had to worry about them missing us. They went to Gulliver’s World, had afternoon tea with Beauty and the Beast, saw Room on the Broom at the theatre, went to a cupcake decorating workshop and ate their body weight in ice cream. Despite all of that, they were pleased to come home. Izzy gave me a huge hug and burst into very tired tears when we collected her after leaving the airport, and Clara wrapped her arms around our necks and snuggled in. I think the break did us all good but it’s so nice being back home. They were just as excited to see what presents we had brought back for them as they were to see us though! Izzy had specifically requested a snow globe with the Eiffel Tower in. Clara wanted a dinosaur one. I mean, of course she did. Anything Izzy asks for, Clara wants a dinosaur version. Imagine my surprise when we actually found one – a snow globe with a dinosaur and an Eiffel Tower in!
  • Speaking of dinosaurs (as we often do in our house), we visited the Dinosaur exhibition at Rheged in Cumbria earlier in the month. After being scared of the animatronic T-rex at the Natural History Museum, I wasn’t sure how Clara would take it, but she loved it, especially watching Walking with Dinosaurs on the huge cinema screen. 
  • It’s been nice to spend a bit more time with the kids over the school holidays – mostly. Clara has half enjoyed having Izzy around more, and half been infuriated by her very presence. They are a funny pair – they seem to spend most of the day fighting, and then as soon as it gets to bedtime they decide they are best of friends and can’t bear to be apart. So there have been a few sleepovers over the holidays – and lots of late nights.
  • We joined our friends for a day at the Gincase – a farm park where Clara had her 3rd birthday party. She is getting braver the more time she spends around animals, probably helped by the fact her little pal Rosie is completely fearless and was more than happy to feed the animals, even those a lot bigger than her. I could tell that Clara was trying to copy her, although she was a little more hesitant!  
  • My little princess and way finder had fun partying with Sleeping Beauty and having mini makeovers at Darling Manor. They picked out their own outfits and Clara caused a lot of people to smile as she walked through town in her Belle dress. She had lots of comments and people stopping her to say hello – she was just happy in her own little world. She has really taken to wearing this flowery headband lately – she loves it and it’s kind of nice that she can wear something in her hair, given that its too short to do anything else with. Also this month we booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris for later in the year – the girls are going to love it! 

Our Blog Roundup 

  • I wrote a blog post about moving house – we are still loving it here and the kids very quickly made themselves at home. They were so happy to be invited to a neighbours’ 7th birthday party recently – Clara was especially pleased as she isn’t able to play out as much as Izzy so it was nice for her to be included. It’s all they talked about for days!


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  1. Sounds like a great month. We’d love to see Room on the Broom. We were looking to book a trip to Disneyland Paris for half term but it was way too expensive! Trying to book next year now x popping over from #TwinklyTuesday

  2. What a busy time you’ve had. Wonderful that you got that time away and that the girls had such a brilliant time too. Summer seemed to go so fast – I feel like I blinked and missed it! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Wow you have been busy, and you’re so lucky to spend 4 days in Paris, that’s amazing. I hope you had a brilliant time, and now feel well rested and recharged. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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