We’ve been in our new house for about 6 weeks now. And we feel very much at home.

It’s been a busy few weeks of unpacking, organising, decorating and building furniture. But, we are getting there and with the exception of a couple of boxes we have yet to find homes for, we are happily settled in.

The girls both love it here so much. Izzy has been able to play out with her friends, which is something she was unable to do at our old house. She knows some of our neighbours from school and it didn’t take long until word got around that there were new playmates moving onto the street – I think Izzy had barely been in the house for half an hour when there was a swarm of kids on the drive asking if she could go out to play!

The whole playing out thing is very new to us as parents as well as to Izzy – we’ve instigated some clear rules but obviously different families have different rules so she sometimes feels like its unfair when she can’t stay out as late or go as far up the street. And inevitably there have already been some falling outs amongst the kids and tears on occasion. She is also incapable of just playing out without returning home every five minutes to ask for something – her scooter, a snack, more snacks, snacks for all her new friends, a drink, more snacks – or to ask if Clara can come out to play (she can’t). It’s nice that she has so many new friends though, and they all seem like nice kids. She’s spending much more time outside, running around, playing football or basketball, jumping on various neighbours’ trampolines – and much less time watching TV, which is another bonus.

It does mean that we have had a lot of tears from Clara. She is quite put out that Izzy is allowed to go out and she isn’t. The first couple of weeks she would stand at the door howling, but she’s started to accept it now. She does get to go out and play, and it’s really nice that there are lots of kids her age nearby, but it usually means me walking up and down the street following her on her bike. Having moved from living on a steep hill, having a nice flat, quiet road is really handy for the kids going on their bikes. Once she is out there though she doesn’t want to come back, which sometimes leads to yet more tears.

Luckily the house didn’t need anything major done, just general DIY and painting. We’ve had some of the rooms painted and are now just at the stage where our home just needs a few finishing touches. It’s meant our evenings and weekends have mainly been spent doing house stuff, so it feels like I’ve had no time to really relax or get anything else done (like much blogging!) but things are starting to calm down a bit now. It’s been nice picking paint colours and furniture, deciding on what pictures will go where and just generally making our house a home.

There’s a lot I love about our home, but I’m really pleased with how the girls’ bedrooms have turned out. Clara has moved to a much bigger room and she picked a dinosaur theme, while Izzy picked Harry Potter. I’ve loved scouring the internet for dino and potter themed décor and the girls are both so happy with their new rooms.

I love that we have a bigger garden, although with being busy we haven’t really had chance to make the most of it yet. I’m sure we will though and we’ve already got a new barbeque ready and waiting for a free weekend and some warm weather. The kids have high – and somewhat delusional – hopes for the garden though; Clara has stated that she would like a baby zip wire in the garden, after she went on one at Lowther Castle the other week!

Our old house served us well for the 8 years we lived there. The house will always hold fond memories of going from just the 2 of us, to 3, to 4. But we had started to outgrow it and wanted somewhere a bit more family friendly, both in terms of space and location. Here we are on moving day – we had to have a family selfie outside our old house!

It’s been great seeing how well the kids have settled in. I didn’t think they would have too much trouble – we have only moved a few miles away from our old house, so everything else like school and nursery has stayed the same – but Clara had said a few times that she didn’t want to move and liked our old house. But there have been no real issues. Having over a dozen kids on the street who all want to play has really helped the girls settle in and feel welcomed; in fact Clara was telling one of her new little pals last week that “We love it here you know”.

And we do. We are home.



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    • Thank you. Luckily we didn’t have loads to do! The living room is looking very bare though as no photos up yet but hopefully it won’t be too long.

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