We now have a 3 year old! I know its a cliche but where oh where has the time gone. It’s been a couple of months since Clara’s birthday, but we moved house a few weeks ago so blogging has taken a back seat in favour of packing, unpacking, cleaning and DIY! However I really wanted to share some photos from her big day, as she is still talking about it now.

She celebrated her birthday in true Clara style – with a dinosaur themed party. It was her best friend Rosie’s 2nd birthday a few days after Clara turned 3, so they had a joint party at The Gincase, a farm park in Cumbria. They had a dinosaur cake, invitations, party bags and even matching dinosaur outfits!

They had great fun running about the farm with their friends and luckily we had fantastic weather. Clara got braver as the day went on and after initially being terrified by the lambs and refusing to feed them, by the end of the day she was bottle feeding a baby goat and grooming a pony.

It was great venue for a party. There were little go karts,an indoor soft play and lots of animals to see and feed. Clara was quite taken by the chickens and said afterwards that they were her favourite animals from the whole day. She clearly doesn’t take after me as I’ve got a real aversion to anything flappy!

For months now (in fact since we went to see Stan the T-rex at the Museum of Manchester last Summer) Clara has been telling everyone she wanted a dinosaur party for her birthday. Which mainly meant that she wanted a dinosaur cake and would keep giving me ideas about what she would like, ranging from a dinosaur bursting out of the top of a cake, to a T-rex relaxing on the sofa (she has some imagination that girl!).

Luckily Rosie loves dinosaurs too and was quite happy to have that as the theme of their joint party. I made this cake like a mountain and decorated it with plastic dinosaur figures. I had thought that lighting a sparkler in the top of the volcano would be a nice touch but Clara didn’t like it and started to cry as we sang Happy Birthday – I may have misjudged how that would go down!

She was a very lucky girl and got loads of lovely presents (at least half of which were dino-related!) Plus she got a massive 5 foot tall helium balloon in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which she lovingly named “Big Stan”(Which meant that her favourite dinosaur toy Stan from then on got referred to a “Little Stan” – both named after the model at the Museum of Manchester). Five foot dinosaur balloons are what happen when you ask your Husband to pick up a birthday balloon. It was almost as tall as me! It lasted quite well too but after a few weeks it gradually deflated until poor Big Stan was a shadow of his former self – Clara was a bit sad and gave him lots of kisses but she understood he had to go be with his extinct pals in dino-heaven. Aka the tip.

Her main present from us was her Peppa Pig bicycle. She loves it – luckily we now live on a flat road so she’s been able to get out on her bike and she picks up a fair bit of speed!

I still can’t quite believe we have a three year old. She’s grown into such a confident and funny little girl – although she does have her moments. Like yesterday rolling around the floor and running riot while shopping. But mostly she is polite and kind and happy – and she loves anything and everything dinosaurs!  


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  1. Happy Birthday little one! It’s such a strange feeling on their birthday, and you wonder where the time has gone. Clara looks like she had a great day, and that giant dinosaur is amazing. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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