Our family are huge fans of all things Lego, so we were really excited to spend a few days at Legoland Windsor during the Easter holidays. It was our second trip to the theme park, and we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to share with any families who are thinking about visiting.

We first visited last May, and we only told the kids we were going to stay in Slough for a few days. Honestly, I don’t think anyone has ever been so happy about going to Slough; it’s all we heard about for weeks! They had no idea what was nearby, or why we were really going there. When we got there, after an 8 hour drive, we headed straight to Legoland to pick up our tickets. As the girls saw the Lego minifigure models dotted around the side of the road, it started to dawn on them where we were going and there were wide eyes and loud screams all round!  Of course second time round they were wise to us, so we couldn’t keep it a secret – but their reaction was just as wonderful to see. Here are our top tips to get the most out of your visit to Legoland.

1.The best age to visit 

At 2 and 6, our children are the perfect ages for most of the rides at the park. There are plenty of rides that all the family can enjoy, some with a minimum height limit of 90cm, and about half a dozen rides with minimum height limits between 1 and 1.2 metres. Our 6 year old could go on all the rides this time, and as our 2 year old is just over 90cms there was plenty for her to go on – however even last year when she was too small for those rides, she still had a lot of fun. So really, there’s plenty to do for all ages, but children over 90cms will get the most out of the rides, while there’s lots for older children to enjoy too.

2. Shop around – or better yet, shop at Tesco

Pay on entry to Legoland and you are looking at £60 per person, but you can get a good deal if you shop around for tickets in advance – such as combined hotel and park entry, or 2 for 1 (often available on Kelloggs cereal). The best deal we found was through Tesco. It cost us £27 in Clubcard vouchers for 1 Annual Pass, so £81 for the 3 of us (Under 3s are free). You can also buy day tickets with Clubcard points. If you regularly shop at Tesco and buy fuel there it soon adds up!

3. Buy an Annual Pass

Even if you don’t shop at Tesco or haven’t got enough Clubcard points, buying an Annual Pass might work out cheaper for you if you are planning to spend a few days at the park. An Annual Pass is £100 per person and as well as unlimited entrance to the park, it gives you free parking (saving £5 a day), 20% off in the restaurants and 10% off in the shops.

4. Allow more than 1 day

There’s so much to see and do, and in busy times you could spend a while queuing. You could easily fill 2 days at the park, although we were there longer and the kids still weren’t bored.

5. Check out the shows 

Heartlake City’s harbour plays host to an acrobatic pirate adventure several times a day, and a performance by the Lego Friends (although that wasn’t on during our recent visit). There’s also a puppet theatre in Duplo Valley featuring your favourite fairy tales, and a 4D cinema showing short films such as Nexo Knights and Legends of Chima every half hour or so.

6. Build and play

While wandering about you might bump into your favourite Characters, and there’s also model building workshops and areas where children can play with Lego bricks. There are two outdoor play parks and the Splash Safari, which is a water play area. That’s only open at certain times of the year due to the weather so we haven’t been able to try it out yet, but it looks fun. So don’t forget to pack your swimming costume!

7. Download the App

There is a free Legoland Windsor App which tells you what the current queue times are so you can plan what to do next, when the shows and films are on and when and where the character meet and greets are taking place.

8. Get there early 

The park officially opens 10am to 6pm. However, get there early and you will be able to access some of the park – including the shops and Miniland (featuring Lego models of landmarks from around the world) from 9:30am. At 9:50 there is a ten minute show in Miniland featuring Ollie the Dragon and other characters (during our latest visit it was Emmett and Batman) and then you are in prime position to head straight to the rides at 10am.

Some rides such as the Pirate Falls Log Flume are packed all day (with queues about an hour long), but we went straight there as soon as the park opened and Izzy was able to go on twice without queuing. Other rides that always seemed to have long queues were the Firestation, Dragon, Driving School and Coastguard HQ boats, so its worth working out what ride you want to go on first.

The park doesn’t actually close until 7pm, and most rides are still allowing people to join the queue until 6, so you will get chance to go on one last ride before going home, or you can visit the shop. The shop is always really busy between 6 and 7, so its worthwhile having a look earlier in the day if you get time and deciding what you want to buy, and then as you are leaving you can quickly grab it and join the huge queue (which does move pretty quickly). Trying to get a 6 year old to decide between hundreds of Lego sets when there’s barely room to move and when everyone is tired is not a fun way to end the day!

9. If it’s your birthday, let them know

Visit Guest Services (just after the entrance) and you can collect a badge for the Birthday boy or girl, and they will put their name and age on the Birthday board screens dotted around the park. We did this last year as it was Clara’s 2nd birthday. And its not just for the kids – plenty of adults had their names (and ages) on the board too!

10. Safety first

We forgot to do it this time, but Guest Services have paper wristbands which you can write your number on and attach to your children’s wrist in case they get lost. If you are there for a few days, just ask for enough to cover every day of your visit.

11. Capture the moment 

You can buy photo souvenirs such as magnets and keyrings from some of the rides, but a Digipass lets you collect as many digital photos from your visit as you like. You just ask staff to scan your wristband when you’ve had a photo taken and download an app to view them. It’s £30 for one day or £40 for two – although at our latest visit we noticed that for £50 you can buy an annual digipass, perfect if you are going to be visiting more than once during a year.

12. Keep up your energy

There are several places to eat at the park, although the queues can be quite long over lunch time. With kids meals you get Pop badges, which can be attached to a lanyard (Lego ones are available to buy in the gift shops). Izzy was really excited about this and took her lanyard and badges from her first visit back so she could add more to her collection. You might notice that staff working at the park also have badges attached to their lanyards – if you see any Legoland staff with a badge that you like, you can swap it for one of yours. Cue lots of following staff to see if they had any Lego Friends badges!

If you don’t want to spend time queuing or pay out for park-priced fast food, you are welcome to take your own food and drink into the park. There are several picnic areas available, plus some grassy areas where people were setting out picnic blankets.

13. Stay local

Twice now we have stayed at the Premier Inn in Slough, about a 25 minute drive from Legoland. It’s reasonable priced, good sized family rooms and well, you know what to expect from a Premier Inn. We stayed there for 5 nights this time as we also spent a couple of days in London (just a 30 minute train ride from Slough), and honestly couldn’t fault it. Plus, it’s right next door to Sainsburys, which was handy for grabbing breakfast some mornings when we didn’t want a full Premier Inn English breakfast, or picnic supplies for the day ahead.

Legoland Windsor is very family friendly, from the clean and plentiful baby changing facilities to the helpful staff. There’s loads to do even for young children, and who doesn’t love Lego! Its definitely worth a visit, but a word of warning – you will want to buy ALL the Lego. We finally bought that Marvel Helicarrier we’ve been drooling over for about 3 years – that’s 3000 bricks of awesomeness right there!


26 comments on “Legoland Windsor: Tips to make the most of your visit”

  1. I love Legoland, some great tips on your post. Slough is definitely the best place to stay, much cheaper than Windsor and only a short drive away. Will be a couple of years until we go next to take our youngest but I’ll definitely check out the app next time. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. We’ve yet to visit Legoland – it’s just that bit too far for a day trip so the idea of adding in accommodation etc makes it a fairly expensive trip.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. We love Legoland and I agree with you – it’s best to go for more than one day so you don’t end up feeling run ragged! #TheListLinky

  4. Brilliant tips! Shall bear them in mind when we get round to taking our boys there. I always get put off by thinking it’ll be too busy but that means we shall never go if I don’t just embrace the fact it is a popular place for a reason. Thanks for all the info xx

    • It is popular and can be busy, but considering both times we have been during school holidays it hasn’t been anywhere near as busy as I thought it would be!

  5. Here’s a tip that I discovered last year (for those who are local). If you have a child who is under 5, consider buying a preschool annual pass. It costs around £75, and it grants entry to the preschooler and one accompanying adult. However, it doesn’t include parking (£6 now), and it’s only valid weekdays during term time. I’ve had one since June and have managed to take my 4 year old a few times. She loves it, and it’s nice to go when it’s not absolutely packed.
    Also, since you don’t live in the area, it might be worth looking into a Merlin Annual Pass. It’s valid for multiple sites for a year. They do offer sales once or twice a year (January, I think, and last year in June). I’m keeping an eye out this June to see if it’s worth it for my family.

    • Ooh great tips thank you. If we lived closer I would definitely get one of the preschool passes as they are such good value. Most of the places you can visit with a Merlin pass are quite far away from us, but we’re thinking we might get one in a couple of years if we have another trip to Legoland and London, as they cover quite a few things in London.

  6. I have always wanted tot take Kitty, but felt it was too expensive. But I will be saving Tesco clubcard points – thanks for the great tip. #TheListLinky

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I remember going when I was little, and just remember queuing up for ages to go on the rides. Thanks for linking up to #TheFridayLinky

  8. This sounds really great actually, You never quite know how these theme parks are going to pan out. If you get a deal you’re onto a winner as well, clearly! OUr daughter loves Lego Friends but doesn’t really any other characters. #TriedTested

  9. Oooh I love some insider tips – will bookmark these for the future! We did Paulton’s Park last weekend and the app was brilliant. #TheList

  10. That’s a great roundup of hints and tips for Legoland. We went with our 3 year old and friends with a 2 year old but we didn’t enjoy it that much, possibly because it was soooo busy. Thanks for linking up! #wanderlustkids

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