• The week got off to a surprisingly bright start with a glimpse of Spring, albeit brief. We went to the beach on Saturday and twice on Monday – partly because the tide was in when we visited in the morning, so Clara and I just got to walk across the pebbles, and partly because Izzy was desperate to play in the sand after school. They got soaked going in the cold sea but they had grins from ear to ear.

  • The nice weather also meant Izzy could finally get out on her bike. The rain has put awash to that over the last few weekends. She tried to ride without stabilisers for the first time and was quite unsteady and very frustrated but she did well for her first attempt. Meanwhile Clara was zooming off on her big sister’s old scooter without a care or fear in the world.

  • The sun was shining bright on Mother’s Day, and after a lovely breakfast and gifts from the girls I spent the first half of the day at a Christening and then drinking prosecco in the garden with my friends. That’s what Sundays were made for! Then I headed off to a local farm tea room for afternoon tea with Izzy and Clara.

  • To celebrate Mother’s Day we were sent these super cute Itty Bittys from Hallmark. The girls are both big fans of Superheroes and they love The Wizard of Oz, so they were delighted with these and soon claimed them (even though they were supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift for me!) You can buy Wonder Woman, Dorothy and loads more characters here.

  • Izzy finally lost her big front tooth! It’s been wobbly for a while and she kept poking it out of her mouth like Nanny McPhee. I may have scrubbed her face a bit too vigorously after breakfast yesterday morning as the tooth came right out! She’s been telling everyone about it and now has a huge gap. She looks so grown up.

  • The kids have loved getting messy this week – as well as playing in the sand they have been playing with playdoh a lot, and both make it on my list of least-liked substances. Clara loved breaking open some Playdoh eggs to reveal tiny dinosaur figures inside – an idea I got from Little Fish Blog.

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