We love nothing more than dragging one of the duvets downstairs and snuggling up on the sofa with some popcorn and hot chocolate for family film night. Or morning, if it’s raining and miserable outside!

To celebrate the launch of the new 4K Pro TV, we’ve teamed up with Panasonic to bring you our top twelve movie favourites for all the family to enjoy.

1. The Lego Movie
“Everything is awesome” in this 2010 film starring Emmet, an ordinary guy who teams up with a random group of Lego mini figures including Batman, Wyldstyle, a spaceman and a pirate to defeat evil Lord Business who wants to glue all the Lego together. It’s funny for kids and grown ups alike – but be warned, you will want to go out and buy a ton of Lego when you’ve finished watching this film!

2. Trolls
Recently out on DVD, Trolls is a current favourite and a real ‘feel good’ movie. We saw it twice at the cinema and are looking forward to watching it again at home. We’ve already got the very catchy soundtrack – its guaranteed to get the kids (and me) up dancing and singing along! Princess Poppy must brave unknown dangers to reach her friends, who have been kidnapped by the miserable Burgens. Taking along a reluctant Branch for the adventure, Poppy sings, dances and scrapbooks her way to Burgen Town.

3. Wizard of Oz
An oldie but definitely a favourite in this house! The girls love watching Dorothy and her friends head off down the yellow brick road to see the Wizard, while singing along to the well-known songs.

4. Annie
Another classic film, Annie has Izzy and Clara grabbing mops and singing their hearts out to It’s a hard knock life (By the way, letting them pretend-play living in an orphanage is a great way to get your skirting boards clean!) They also enjoy the 2014 remake, which gives the original tale a modern update and a soundtrack to match.

5. Beauty and the Beast
No list of great family films would be complete without a Disney princess. Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairytale, with adventure, adversity and of course romance. With the new live action version about to hit the cinema, Beauty and the Beast seems to be everywhere at the moment.

6. Zootropolis
Another great offering from the movie master that is Disney, Zootropolis tells the story of Judy Hopps, a small town bunny who wants to make it big as a cop in the city. It’s all about working hard, overcoming everything that’s thrown at you and not judging others – like most Disney films there is a moral in there and after watching this my eldest daughter has decided she would like to become a police officer when she grows up. (That’s as well as being a teacher, travelling the world to help people and also being a Stormtrooper. I think she has conflicting feelings about good vs evil!)

7. Star Wars
And this is why she would like to be a Stormtrooper. You might not think this would be a top choice for a six year old girl but Izzy can’t get enough of Star Wars. She loves A Force Awakens, as well as the earlier films, and its great to see that each episode features strong female characters like Leia and Rey. While some of the films are rated PG, others are a 12 and there is a lot of fighting, death and destruction, so they might not be suitable for some young children!

8. Jumanji
A throwback to my own childhood here, we recently watched this with our two girls and they loved it. It’s a film from the 90s starring Robin Williams who gets trapped inside a magical board game. Fast forward 27 years and two siblings discover the game and must play to the end to free him. They face different challenges along the way like mischievous monkeys and stampeding rhinos.

9. Tangled
Another Disney Princess, this time the funny and feisty Rapunzel. With the help of charming thief Flynn Ryder, Rapunzel leaves her tower to see the floating lanterns which appear every year on her birthday – but typically runs into trouble along the way. It’s a modern, upbeat take on the original fairytale and, Iike all good Disney films, has catchy songs you just can’t help singing along to.

10. Harry Potter
Now, we haven’t yet introduced the kids to Harry Potter, but as fans ourselves, its only a matter of time before they are engrossed in the tale of Wizards, Hogwarts and He Who Shall Not Be Named. The only question is, whether we read the books to them first or go straight to the DVD box set. As much as it is nice to watch brand new films together, there is something special about seeing kids discover for the first time a film that you love.

11. Rio
You’ll be dancing along to the Samba rhythm all through this colourful film as you watch blue macaw Blu head to Brazil to meet the last remaining female of his species. Of course things don’t quite got to plan when the pair are kidnapped.

12. Megamind
Will Ferrell provides the voice of Megamind, the super villain intent on taking over Metro City. Another film with an awesome soundtrack (including AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses), it’s funny, got great one liners and you can’t help but root for the bad guy.

This post is sponsored by the new Panasonic 4K TV, the ultimate in home cinema entertainment featuring a Studio Master HCX Processor and professional cinema display.

 What do you think of our top twelve? Do you have any family favourites you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below! 

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13 comments on “Twelve Family Favourites for Film Night”

  1. We have friends with older children than ours. They told us about all the films they enjoyed with their children when they were the age of our children. We were able to get quite a lot of these retro films and enjoy them anew as a family. Some were a bit dated but no-one minded. Eg ET

  2. I love watching films with the kids. My Son has started watching some of the Star Wars films (we fast forward scary bits!) and after watching a Harry Potter he got stuck into the books. #TuesdayTreasures

  3. Zootropolis is a great movie with a good message! My kids have seen it 10 times 🙂 All the movies on this list are sure to fit a family evening.

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