It’s half term here but unfortunately I’ve been at work for the first half of it so tomorrow is the first day of the holidays that I will be with the kids. I’m not quite sure what we are going to do yet – I wanted to pack lots of things into what’s left of the school break but it very much depends on the weather, and I can see us spending far more time than I’d like in front of Paw Patrol with the kids fighting over who ate the last raisin!

So what have we been up to since our last roundup?

  • I’ve booked to do a sky dive! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, even though I am absolutely terrified. So I’ve roped 4 friends into doing it too and I’ve created a Just Giving page to raise money for the MS Society – so there is no backing out now!
  • We went to see the Lego Batman Movie at the cinema. As a family we are pretty much obsessed with superheroes and Lego, so this was the perfect choice. It’s funny, not just for the kids and makes you want to go away and play with Lego. Sadly, Izzy’s Batgirl doll (who came to watch the film with us) lost her hand at the cinema. There were a LOT of tears. Izzy had us searching under the cinema seats, amongst the dust, popcorn and who knows what else, but to no avail. When we got home she went to bed crying and even wrote us a note saying she was sorry, but she was leaving to go back to the cinema and find the missing hand. Luckily she stayed put, and we had a big talk about how Batgirl is still awesome no matter how many hands she has. 
  • Valentine’s Day was a quiet affair – we had a nice meal and I got roses from the Hubby. Izzy and Clara both got chocolate lollies, which ended in tears (there have been a lot of those this week!) after Daddy decided to have a bite of them. Honestly you would think he had eaten the entire thing. I think the tears were mainly down to tiredness, as Izzy had just got back from her school disco, and Clara was just copying her big sister.
  • Clara and I had a couple of soft play visits, and of course Stan the T Rex had to come along too, as he is Clara’s favourite toy at the moment. She is obsessed with dinosaurs, and we just bought her this awesome pink dinosaur bedding from Asda.
  • The weekend was pretty rubbish weather wise. We had a visit to a local museum, which the girls enjoyed and then we had some lazy family time watching Home Alone and playing with face paint. The girls were getting to the point that they were tired and irritated, so I thought we should do something different to distract them otherwise they would carry on like that until bedtime. Something as simple as painting their faces seemed to snap them out of it and they were the best of friends playing tigers and dogs. For a while at least!

Blog Roundup 

  • I wrote a post about Loneliness and motherhood, and how important it is to make friends with other mums. It’s proving to be one of my most popular posts and it’s clearly struck a cord with many women who all say they have experienced feeling lonely as new parents.
  • I’m running a giveaway until the 28th February – you could win 2 tickets to the Baby and Toddler Show in Manchester, Glasgow or Surrey this Spring.


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3 comments on “Our Weekly Roundup #31”

  1. Eeek, a sky dive. You’re so brave! Good luck!

    Sounds like a nice week, apart from Bat Girl losing her hand. I’m glad your little one decided not to set off in the night to the cinema though!


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