Welcome to 2017! A new year and a new start. Have you made any resolutions this year? You can read all about ours here.

  • We celebrated New Year’s Eve probably the same way as millions of other parents around the world – by falling asleep on the sofa before midnight after a couple of glasses of champagne. I woke up for the fireworks but could barely keep my eyes open. We did make it out for a meal just the two of us the night before though, but even then we were home for 10pm!dsc_0982
  • The big news this week is that we now have a 6 year old. How on earth did that happen? Izzy celebrated her birthday on the same day that school started back, but we did go out for tea afterwards – Italian so she could have her favourite meal, Spaghetti!  I was mortified though when her Star Wars balloon came loose and floated up to the very high ceiling – the waitress brought out a large set of ladders and proceeded to balance precariously on the top while trying to reach the balloon with a pair of ice tongs. All in order to reunite Izzy with her birthday balloon. That’s some customer service!
  • Then at the weekend Izzy had a party with a small group of friends – they each made their own stuffed toy (build-a-bear style) and played on the soft play. Izzy picked a Kangaroo,  which is now her 4th stuffed one, while Clara picked a purple dragon. She named it Fifi, which was no surprise as for the past few months she has been talking about her imaginary dragon named Fifi! Apparently she flies on its back and fights people with a sword.


  • We took Izzy to see the new Star Wars film at the cinema as a treat for (finally) filling her star chart. She dressed the part as she got a new costume for Christmas, and I even did her hair like Rey, the main character in The Force Awakens.


  • Izzy has been asking to have Chinese food as she sometimes eats it at school – so her Daddy bought some “beginners” chopsticks that are supposed to be easier to use and we all tried them out one lunchtime with a random selection of Chinese food and sausage rolls. Izzy did really well and ate all hers using chopsticks, even noodles. It was really funny watching Clara eat a sausage roll with chopsticks – she was getting the hang of it!


Blog Roundup

  • I have had this blog for almost 3 years now, starting it when I was pregnant with Clara. I’ve had lots of nice opportunities but I feel like I’ve just been plodding along with it and hopefully 2017 will be the year where I start to make a bit more progress with my blog. To start with I’ve been going through all my old posts and making quite a lot private – they don’t really fit with how I want my blog to look now, but I still want to keep them so that I have a nice record of our family life to look back on.
  • I blogged about our New Year’s resolutions.


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