To celebrate the premiere of the Frozen Northern Lights animated series on Disney Channel, Izzy and Clara were sent a Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll by Jakks Pacific.


The animated shorts follow Queen Elsa and her sister Anna on an adventure to bring the Northern Lights back to Arendelle – and now Frozen fans can help Elsa restore the Northern Lights with this interactive doll. Elsa sings (Let it go – of course), says over 40 phrases and if you wave your hand over the snowflake you can help Elsa find the Northern Lights and create a magical light show.





I showed Izzy the beautifully wrapped present and asked her if she would like to open it once Clara was in bed. She didn’t know what it was but she insisted that Clara should open it too so they could share. And surprisingly, there were no arguments over who would play with the doll – in fact, they played lovely together with one holding Elsa and the other holding and activating the snowflake. They switched the lights off and were happy playing in the dark, watching Elsa’s dress light up and watching the magical light show.



The girls very quickly worked out how to activate Elsa and like that they can “do the magic” by waving their hands over the snowflake. Clara especially has been captivated by the lights and loves making Elsa’s dress change colour and singing along to Let it Go. Izzy loves the novelty of being able to play with it in the dark, and I’m constantly walking into rooms to find all the lights have been switched off! She also likes that Elsa is the same size as her other Disney toddler dolls so she can play with them together.

Elsa is very sturdy, stands up unaided and comes with removable dress and shoes. The bottom half is made of clear plastic which contains lights – with the princess dress over the top this creates the magical light effect.

The doll comes well packaged – if you are giving this as a Christmas gift it might be worth undoing some of the packaging before you wrap it up to make it a bit easier to get out of the box on Christmas morning! I had the girls desperately trying to “help” me undo the packaging as they just couldn’t wait to start playing. Also, make sure you have batteries to hand – the doll comes with 3 AAAs but you will need another three for the snowflake.

We were given a Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll by Jakks Pacific in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

Check out the trailer for Lego Disney Frozen Northern Lights on YouTube. 

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