It’s been a few weeks since our last update. We’ve been busy here – Hubby has just got back from a week away with work, we’ve been in full on Christmas prep mode and I’m finally starting to feel better after a bad bout of illness.

  • After thinking we were all over the sickness bug it came back with a vengeance – well, for me at least! Turns out I actually had food poisoning, although I didn’t find that out until I had been ill on and off for 3 weeks. Fortunately, I’ve been feeling okay for a couple of weeks now, but unfortunately I have put on most of the weight I lost while I was ill!
  • It’s nearly December! I decided I wanted to get all the presents bought by the end of November, so that I could spend December doing nice festive things rather than trudging around the shops getting stressed and panic buying gifts that will never get used. And I’ve done it! All the presents have been bought and most have been wrapped – I’m just waiting for the last few online orders to arrive. I’ve never been this organised for Christmas before, and while there is still a lot on my to do list I’m feeling quite smug that I’ve ticked off the worst job – shopping!


  • The girls have written their letters to Father Christmas. The Tesco toy catalogue has been well thumbed and they pointed out all the things they would like. I’ve told them they might not get everything they ask for – it’s just to give Father Christmas some ideas of what they might like. Clara would love a Baby Annabell doll and a pram, while Izzy has her heart set on a much sought-after Hatchimal and a camera. This is the first year that Clara will really understand what is going on, and we’ve talked a lot about Father Christmas as we don’t want her to be scared when she meets him this weekend. She can be very shy around new people and she refused to get her photograph taken with him last year but I’m hoping that she will be a bit more excited this time.


  • Poor Clara has had a bit of a shocker this week. She fell over when we were watching Izzy in her swimming lesson and hit her cheek on a bench. She’s got a proper shiner of a black eye, and the bruise has been steadily spreading and getting darker over the past few days. She handled it well though; after the initial shock and a lot of crying, she looked a sorry sight holding an ice pack on her face and giving me her best sad, pouting expression.


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