Like most children, my girls love listening to stories and always run to the bookshelf to pick out a book for bedtime. So when we were asked to review a new children’s book, I couldn’t say no. We were kindly sent a copy of Jungle Jam, which tells the tale of Mikey the Monkey’s trip through the jungle and all the animal friends he encounters along the way – each playing a different instrument.


As soon as Clara saw it she kept asking us to read the ‘monkey book’, and we’ve since read it a few times (and as we usually have to read ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ every single night, trust me, this has made a nice change!) 

She likes telling me who all the animals are in the book. I ask her what noise the animals and the instruments make, and if she can pretend she is playing the instruments. She even likes to dance around to the music she makes up. The story offers plenty of opportunity for interaction beyond simply reading the words. At the end of the book there are also some ideas and instructions for making your own musical instruments, which would be a fun craft activity to do with the kids.


Jungle Jam was written by husband and wife team, Louise and Noam Lederman, who wanted to share how much music can impact on a child’s development. The rhyming story follows Mikey the Monkey, who meets lots of new, talented friends including Larry the Lion and Ziggy the Zebra. While Mikey had set out to explore the world on his own, he soon realises how much fun it can be to work as a team, make new friends, and still achieve your dreams.



According to the Ledermans “There is so much research in education (such as analysis completed by the National Association for Music Education), demonstrating that young children are more susceptible to learning when it involves sound and music, as well as it contributing to the child’s well-being in other areas such as physical and emotional development, giving them confidence and creating a positive influence for their future.”

A book that’s fun and promotes positive development? A welcome addition to any bookshelf!

Jungle Jam book is currently available for sale on Amazon for just £5.99 – you can buy your copy here. *Please note, this is an Amazon Affiliate link. This means that if you click on this link and go on to make a purchase, I will make a small amount of commission. This will in no way affect your purchases.

We were sent a copy of this book to review. All words and opinions are our own, unless otherwise quoted.




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