It’s that time of year where toys are everywhere. The television is constantly streaming adverts, the shops are bursting with all things plastic and noisy, and the kids are talking about this toy and that game that they have seen.


This is the first year that Clara really knows about Christmas, and we have tried to explain to her the concept of Father Christmas. She’s taken to this quite well – a jolly stranger is going to bring her new toys? What’s not to like. So we gave her a toy catalogue and asked her to pick some things that she might like for Christmas. She picked a doll, a pram, a magna doodle, a toy dog and a my little pony. All sensible requests.

If you’re looking for some ideas for preschoolers, here’s our roundup of some of our favourite toys.

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. This means that if you click on any of the Amazon links in this post and go on to make a purchase, I will make a small amount of commission. This will in no way affect your purchases. All the products included here are either toys we already own, have bought for Christmas or are on our wishlist!

Baby Annabell Doll

This is at the top of Clara’s list – she would like Father Christmas to bring her a baby “with a dummy” and a pram – she’s so loving towards her toys and I just can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning. (£34.99, Amazon)

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Care Duplo
Duplo is a great gift, it can be added to other sets (we have a huge box full of the stuff) and it offers endless hours of play. Last year, Clara got the Doc clinic and ambulance, but this is a new set which includes Hallie and two pets. (£19.95, Amazon)

Sofia the First Castle Playset
You might have seen our YouTube video where Izzy and Clara reviewed some Sofia the First figures and toys (although the outtakes video is my favourite!) They loved the figures of Princess Sofia and her friends – and I’m sure they would have lots of fun making up their own royal adventures with this Enchancia castle. (£22.13, Amazon)
Wizard of Oz Hand Puppet
This is one of the girls’ favourite films – and they have a really nice children’s book which tells the story. Clara is getting this Dorothy hand puppet which comes with finger puppets of the other main characters, and I can’t wait to read the book to her while she uses the puppets to act out the story.  (£18.83, Amazon)
Disney Princess Colours of the Sea Ariel Doll
This Little Mermaid doll sings “Part of Your World” and says different phrases, while her tail creates a magical light show. She’s the perfect companion for bath time. (£25.43, Amazon)
ELC Little Cook’s Kitchen
This is probably the best toy that the children have ever been bought – Izzy got this exact same kitchen for her second birthday and now almost 4 years later it is still played with by both her and her little sister, almost every day. They have spent countless hours pretending to cook for their family, run a cafe, serve in an ice cream shop or a bakery – it’s definitely their most played with toy. (£70.00, Amazon)
Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Clinic
Little ones will love giving their toys a check up with this pull-a-long clinic. I know one little girl who will be very excited to unwrap this on Christmas morning… (Amazon)

Lucy the Dog
This was top of Izzy’s list a couple of Christmases ago but now Clara loves it and wants her own toy dog so she doesn’t have to keep fighting over this one! Lucy responds to voice commands and sits, rolls over and does various tricks – although just like a real dog she doesn’t always listen! (£21.99, Amazon)
Disney Princess Belle Tea Cart 
Every little princess loves a tea party – this cute tea trolley features Mrs Potts and Chip and plays music from the film. I’d kind of like one of these myself – I love Beauty and the Beast, and I am partial to a cup of tea! (£49.99, Amazon)

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Swan Boat Play Set
This was a late addition to Clara’s letter to Father Christmas – she saw it in a toy shop the other day and told me that Father Christmas is going to bring her one of these! It plays music and the pony moves the oars as the boat is pushed forward. (£14.99, Amazon)


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  1. I love reading christmas gift guides 🙂 This is a great one, lots on here that has been on ours at some point! Lego is always a winner and play kitchens always go down a treat. Baby Annabel is a classic and is on our little ones list this year! Emily #TwinklyTuesday

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