• Half term started off well enough with a trip to the cinema to see Trolls (which is awesome by the way!) and a visit to Keswick, but unfortunately went downhill from there. We were all struck down with a tummy bug which pretty much wrote off the rest of the week.
  • My two nieces were staying with us for a few days so we had a few nice treats planned. On Tuesday we had a day out with my sister and her two boys. The older kids used the climbing wall while the younger ones explored the adventure play area. At one point Clara got stuck in the ball pool, which meant that I then got stuck in my attempt to rescue her! We then visited an optical illusion attraction which was a lot of fun, right until Clara freed the mother of all nappy fillers and we had to buy her some emergency trousers – surprisingly the only children’s trousers we could find in the Lake District was a pair of waterproofs. She didn’t let it bother her though and was quite happy!



  • The bug seemed to start with my Hubby that night, before hitting my neice the next day, then me, then Izzy. Between spending an entire night feeling very unwell myself and looking after everyone else throughout the rest of the week I hardly had any sleep. Izzy was upset that she had to miss out on some Halloween fun but we had a few days of watching films under the duvet, while I washed every single towel and item of bedding that we own. After about 9 wash loads we were finally getting back to normal.


  • By Saturday we were starting to feel a bit better (albeit a temporary reprieve) and headed to a farm park where I was desperate to get some nice pumpkin patch photos. I managed to get a few, by some miracle, as Izzy was pulling silly faces on most of them and then Clara started to cry as she just wanted to push the wheelbarrow.


  • Izzy and Clara enjoyed going trick or treating dressed as a Stormtrooper and Olaf. They do have Halloween outfits but decided that they didn’t want to be a witch and a cat this year! They were pleased with their haul of sweet goodies which will last them quite a while.



What did everyone else get up to over half term?


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