• This week we went to see Disney on Ice presents Frozen at the MEN arena in Manchester. The girls – and I – loved it. They both dressed as Anna to watch the story of Frozen told through ice skating. There was snow, pyrotechnics, Sven on skates and a moving sled – and even a giant inflatable snow monster! It was a great show and kept Clara’s attention throughout with the popular characters and familiar songs.



  • Izzy had her first swimming lesson in the deep end of the pool and did amazingly! I have to say I was quite apprehensive and she was scared she was going to “drunk” (I think she meant drown/sink!) but she tried really hard and did really well.
  • Clara had her 2 year check up with the nurse. Of course she wouldn’t actually speak to the nurse, making me out to be a liar as I’d written on the questionnaire how well she can talk! She’s just under average height for her age, but on the 91 percentile for weight, the chunky monkey. Izzy is the opposite, tall and slim!


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  1. Don’t you just hate it when the little ones won’t show the nurses what you see! I did it to my mum when I was little apparently. As soon as my mum shut the door behind the nurse I said ‘What was that lady doing here?’

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