With a few weeks to go until 1st December, it’s time to decide how you are going to celebrate the official countdown to Christmas. Whether you are treating yourself, a loved one or all the family, there’s bound to be something in this list to suit everyone!


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1. Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar 

Disney lovers will enjoy collecting 18 new characters plus a range of seasonal accessories. (Asda, £37.95)


2. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

Let the scent of Christmas cookies and orange fill your home with these 23 festively fragranced tealights and 1 votive candle. (Amazon, £19.97)

3. Playmobil Christmas on the Farm Advent Calendar 

This farm themed play set features over 20 animals plus Father Christmas and an Angel. Recommended for ages 4-10, this Playmobil advent calendar offers opportunity for play long after the Christmas tree has been taken down.  (Amazon, £19.98)
4. Toot Toot Animal Friends Advent Calendar

Last year Clara had the Toot Toot Drivers version of this advent calendar; this year an animal-themed one has been added to the collection, featuring Rudolph, some animal friends and accessories, including cookie cutters and tree decorations. (Amazon, £37.99)
5. Star Wars Advent Calendar 

If you know a Star Wars fan you might get some inspiration from our ‘Christmas gift guide for Star Wars fans‘. This advent calendar includes 8 Lego minifigures and accessories. (Amazon, £23.74)

6. German Beer Advent Calendar 

Advent calendars are not just for kids – you can sample a different German beer every day in the run up to Christmas with this boozy box of bottles. (Amazon, £44.99)

7. Tobar Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Add your own selection of small toys, sweets and other treats to this wooden advent calendar, which can be reused year after year. (Amazon, £14.36)
8. Disney Frozen Royally Cool Cosmetic Advent Calendar

Perfect for little princesses, this set includes 24 Frozen gifts including nail polishes, lip glosses and hair clips. (Amazon, £15.00)

9. Ginvent Calendar 

Have a very merry Christmas with this collection of 24 different gins. (Amazon, £124.95)
10. Masha and the Bear Advent Calendar 

Fans of the children’s television show Masha and the Bear will love this set featuring 24 beauty themed gifts, including hair accessories, shower gel and fragrances. (Amazon, £15.98)
11. L’Occitane Advent Calendar 

Look your best this Christmas with a selection of miniature beauty products including soap, hand cream, face cream and many more. (L’Occitane, £42.00)

12. Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar

Of course there is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned chocolate advent calendar; I love this one from Hotel Chocolat, available in milk, dark or caramel chocolate. (Hotel Chocolat, £12.50)

Which one would you pick? Let me know in the comments below!



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26 comments on “Advent Calendars for All the Family”

  1. Do you know I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of advent calendars available. It makes me sad for the days of my childhood where we got excited about opening a door to see what picture was behind it! Last year my little boy had the Playmobil one alongside a regular chocolate calendar. I hated the Playmobil one. I was finding tiny toys around the house everyday for the foreseeable future! Nightmare. I wouldn’t be opposed to buying one of the others though. I quite fancy the Yankee one for myself – you’re never too old to enjoy a countdown to Christmas. #twinklytuesday

    • Exactly, I always have an advent calendar, even if its just a 99p chocolate one. This year I’ve got a Hotel Chocolat one though, looking forward to that!

  2. They all look fab advent calendars. I know a little one that would like either the Marsha & Bear one or the Frozen one. My eldest would love one of the beauty ones too. For me, it’s chocolate all the way! #TheListLinky

    • I had a Benefit one last year, but I’ve got to admit I do prefer a chocolate one. Can’t wait to tuck into my Hotel Chocolat one!

  3. Such a good idea for a different style advent. We have a wooden sleigh that has little windows, need to start buying bits and bobs for it. I would choose the L’Ocitane one, looks amazing. #TheList

  4. There are SO many advent calendars now, it’s hard to choose. We have two Playmobil calendars but we save them and re use them every year. I think we must be about 6 years in with them and we all look forward to them coming out every year.


  5. So many good ideas here! Dec 1st comes round so quickly doesn’t it? I like the idea of doing the reusable calendars, but never seem to get around to buying all the little gifts! The Lego one sounds fun. x

  6. I love the Yankee candle advent calendar idea – I’ve usually got some festive scents circling the house in December so a new one every day is perfect for us! Lats year my husband and I had 24 envelopes and each of us put a treat or a surprise in each one (e.g. a foot massage, cooking the other’s favourite dinner, a cheese and wine night etc. etc.) it worked quite well but involved a lot of effort so I’m not sure we will manage that this year, I’d like to think we will!

    • That’s a lovely idea! I’d like to do that but it does sound like a lot of effort – could maybe mix up some nice treats with some days where you just add something else to the envelope instead. I did one for my husband one year that was a mix of different chocolates, a couple of scratchcards and then on the odd day he got a present to unwrap like a pair of festive socks!

  7. oh i love the German Beer Calendar i am tempted to get that for my OH! My kids have the Star Wars and a fairly and woodlands Playmobile Calendar this year and i decided on the Benefit one for myself as a treat! great list! #ChristmasGiftGuideLinky

  8. I love advent calendars like this! we are doing a make your own one for bubba this year and filling it with paw patrol stuff 🙂 I would love the loctanie one or a yankee one and hubs would probs go for the beer 🙂

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