When we were away the other weekend, we visited the Museum of Manchester. We wanted to go mainly to see the T-Rex skeleton, as Izzy has been showing an interest in dinosaurs and fossils lately, and Clara just likes anything big that roars.


I was surprised by Clara – at 2 years old I thought she would be a bit young to get much out of it but she loved it! She liked seeing all the models of the animals and even the skeletons, especially the elephant.


Izzy liked the stuffed Tigon – half tiger, half lion – and kept going back to look at it again. She wasn’t so keen on the Egyptian Mummy though, which to be fair looked pretty scary in an open sarcophagus.

There is a little section with live frogs, lizards and snakes so they enjoyed spotting those, and there were some activities for them to do – Lego building and colouring.

Of course the best bit was seeing Stan, the model made from the fossil of a T-Rex. Clara was excited to introduce her soft toy Rex to the big dinosaur.


The Museum was great; it’s a nice manageable size for children as you can get round everything in a couple of hours. It’s mostly accessible with a pushchair, athough there was one small bit only accessible by steps. We went on a bank holiday Monday and it was lively but not really busy.

Most importantly entry is free (although you can make a donation towards the running of the museum) which is a bonus, especially as trips out with a couple of kids can get expensive!

You can find out more about what’s on by visiting the Museum of Manchester website. 


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