Izzy and Clara love a picnic, no matter where we are or whatever the weather, so they were happy to review a new lunch bag from Bibetta. Of course it was the perfect excuse to go for a picnic (or three) while we had some nice weather over the Summer holidays.IMG_20160814_190313

In the past week we have visited a farm park, aquarium and the beach. Taking a picnic with us definitely saved money, as buying food when you are out and about can really add up and make a day trip quite costly. So we packed up some sandwiches, fruit and cookies and headed off to enjoy some family time.

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We went to a local marina to enjoy our lunch before going to see the fish at the aquarium. Clara insisted on carrying “my new lunch bag”, probably so that Izzy couldn’t sneak out any snacks, while they hunted for the perfect picnic spot. Eventually they settled on a bench looking out at the sea. However, while they were having a great time, I was slightly on edge due to the seagulls that were slowly surrounding us and trying to stare me out. Not exactly the relaxing picnic I imagined but the girls didn’t let it put them off their food!


The trip to the farm park and beach were more successful, as we didn’t encounter any hungry wildlife, although at the beach the kids discarded their picnic food in favour of ice cream, but who can blame them!

The Bibetta lunch bags are made of neoprene, which is insulating and keeps food and drinks at the right temperature. They are also soft and stretchy, which really helps when you are trying to fit in awkward shaped sandwich boxes! Whether you are packing a lunch for school or snacks for the whole family, there’s plenty of space.


The bags come in different colours and fun patterns – including blue fish, pink butterflies and green owls. The patterns are quite subtle though and I used the bag to take my lunch to work for a few days and it didn’t feel like I was using a child’s lunch bag.

The best thing about the lunch bag has to be that it can be cleaned in the washing machine. I find that even when washing lunch bags by hand it’s hard to get them completely clean and after a while they start to smell a bit funky and need to be replaced.

The lunch bags are currently half price until the end of August on the Bibetta website. Bibetta also produce a range of other family products including bibs, changing mats and picnic rugs.

*We were kindly sent this lunch bag in return for an honest review.* 


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