New research from Mothercare has revealed that 69% of parents say their kid’s favourite cuddly toy is a must-pack holiday item.

For us, we can’t go anywhere overnight without taking Seahorse. He is Izzy’s favourite toy; she’s had him since she was 1 day old. He smells a bit funky, the pink fur has turned grey in places and the light up tummy isn’t as bright as it once was but she loves him regardless.


He’s accompanied her on many a sleepover, weekend away and of course on our family holidays. He’s been to Portugal, Majorca and Disneyland, as well as many places in the UK.


Having a favourite toy, something familiar, can provide such comfort when visiting new places. Holidays can often mean a disruption in routine, an unfamiliar environment and new experiences – which can be unsettling for young children.

It’s so important that Seahorse comes with us to provide that reassurance and comfort. It’s even more important to bring him safely back home!


That’s why I’m sharing some top tips from Mothercare parenting expert Liz Day, to help parents keep their kids’ fluffy friends safe this summer.

Mothercare identifies parents’ bear-necessities for holiday packing

Liz Day, Parenting Consultant for Mothercare, comments: “As well as keeping children calm and entertained during the journey, home comforts such as a favourite cuddly toy can often help little ones settle better into new locations as parents unpack and start to relax. Here’s my advice on how to keep their favourite friend safe and make sure the bear makes the return journey home with you:”

1.      Tag your cuddly toy using the same safety ID bracelet or wristband as you use to keep your child safe – matching their favourite bear will encourage your little one to keep the tag on at all times. Include a return address and your phone number so your invaluable bear finds its way back to its little owner if it gets lost.

2.      Buy two of your child’s favourite cuddly toy and secretly pack one in your suitcase when you go away. If your tot’s toy does manage to escape, it’s really useful if it can miraculously reappear when you get back to your holiday accommodation.


3.      When on the beach, tie a brightly coloured ribbon to your tot’s favourite fluffy friend so they don’t go missing in the sand.

4.      When travelling, keep bear safely in your hand luggage or pop them in an easily accessible bag so they are within reach to soothe and calm your tot if there are any upsets during the journey.

As well as you child’s favourite cuddly toy, the other top four items parents say are essential to pack for family holidays are:

o   Sunhat (84%)

o   Sunshade (66%)

o   Armbands/ pool floats (55%)

o   Travel cot (53%)

What are your holiday essentials? Do you have any tips on keeping those favourite toys safe?


5 comments on “Keeping your child’s favourite toy safe on holiday, with tips from Mothercare”

  1. We’re off on holiday a month today! Piglet is 6m old and I’ve already started rotating his cuddly toys so that he has 3 which so far seem to give him equal amounts of comfort to avoided the dreaded moment of losing one! #twinklytuesday

    • That’s a good idea. Luckily our youngest isn’t so attached to just one toy. She has several that she likes to take to bed but she is easily distracted by other soft toys, unlike her big sister!

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