Little Passports is a monthly subscription package which delivers adventure right to your door. We have been trying out the Early Explorers subscription for children aged 3-5, which we have kindly been gifted in return for an honest review.

We are also taking part in the Little Passports Affiliate programme, so if you click on any of the links in this post or on the advert on the sidebar, and go on to purchase a subscription, we will receive a small commission.


Izzy always gets really excited when one of the Little Passports packages arrives in the post. She loves learning and is really interested in the world and different countries. This is a nice introduction to learning about the world, with each monthly package focusing on a different element. So far we have explored famous landmarks and music from different countries; this month it was time to learn about animals that are native to different parts of the world.

Each pack includes an activity passport, luggage tag, trading cards, stickers, a flash light adventure and a postcard all around the same theme. In addition, they each include a different souvenir or toy. In this pack, we received a set of animal finger puppets to make. This has been Izzy’s favourite one so far – she did love the music CD she received last month but she loves any kind of art and crafts, so she had loads of fun making up the puppets. She also enjoyed making different animal noises as she played with them, and trying to match up the animals with their home countries on the huge world map that arrived with the very first package.


The activity passport includes colouring, spot the difference, simple quizzes and more – most activities were quite easy for Izzy and as we went though the content of the pack we talked about the different animals, which ones she already knew and which ones were new to her, and which ones she has seen in real life.


The flash light adventure is a simple idea where you hold a piece of white card behind a piece of film so that you can see the different images that are printed on the film. Each month you get to ‘find’ different things on the film – so this month it was animals from around the world – and it also includes a clue to the next month’s package.


Little Passports is a unique idea which can help introduce children to learning about the world, while having fun at the same time. You don’t get lots of information with each pack, but in a way that’s good as it’s bite-size bits of knowledge that young kids can take in, rather than overwhelming them with too much info.  There are also bonus activities sent by email – including extra facts and printable activities. Check out the Little Passports Facebook page too for fun facts, photos and lots of competitions!

Little Passports offer 3 different packages – the Early Explorers for children aged 3-5, World Edition for 6-12 year olds and the USA Edition. Find out more here: Give the gift of Adventure!



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