The first week of the Summer holidays got off to a busy – and wet – start.

  • Izzy had her first ever dance concert. She has done a couple of medal tests before but this was the first time she has done a group dance, in front of a packed audience. She sang out loud and looked like she was having a great time. After a dress rehearsal and 2 shows though she is now shattered and we can put away the leotards and ballet shoes for a while as she has no more dance classes over the summer.IMG_20160722_195943

  • I took the kids to a local play centre that has recently opened near us. They got to learn about some animals – Clara wouldn’t touch the bunny or the guinea pig but as soon as the hedgehog came out she whispered to me “I’m going to stroke that one.” She stroked an owl too, but her favourite animal was the the tortoise, and she couldn’t stop watching him.
  • The girls had their first play date of the summer, and Izzy loved catching up with her friend who she doesn’t get to see very often as they go to different schools. They have known each other since they were little babies and when they do get together they are like a little married couple. Making sure we fit in some playdates was one of the many things on our Summer holiday bucket list.img_20160720_170708.jpg
  • Also on the list was a visit to The Beacon, which is a local museum. Over summer they are hosting a Lego exhibition so the girls spent some time looking at models and building their own – which mainly ended in tears after Clara karate chopped Izzy’s tower that she was so proud of. It was so cute as we were about to leave Clara trotted over to the lady who was painting faces and asked her to paint hers – she sat so still and was really chuffed with the rainbow, although it didn’t last five minutes before it was smeared all over her face! IMG_20160724_155458img_20160727_222252.jpg
  • The girls also made some biscuits. I really had to try not to get involved and just let them go for it – and I love the way that Clara put Olaf’s mouth upside down, like he’s pulling a face. She was really proud of herself, though they could barely wait for the icing to set before tucking in – their favourite bit of baking! img_20160727_222616.jpg
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  1. I love your weekly round up posts. You always seem to fit so much into a week! Love the biscuits. I struggle to give up control in the kitchen – I’ve only just begun to let O switch the electric mixer on and off! We went to the beacon this week too! We had fun too and O had a snake painted on his face… X

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