• It’s been a busy school week for Izzy. Her team won sports day, but unfortunately we weren’t able to watch as it was moved inside the school hall due to the weather. She also had her last disco as a reception pupil and got her first ever school report.IMG_20160715_200847

  • I was really pleased to see that Izzy is performing ‘as expected’ in all areas, but especially proud to see her described as a caring and thoughtful little girl, who is very confident and has made lots of friends. She apparantly loves role play, especially acting out Star Wars, loves telling the whole class her weekend news and is sometimes a bit too chatty – no surprise there then!IMG_20160715_200630
  • Izzy was also really pleased with the presents she made for her teacher and teaching assistants. She very patiently painted the school badge onto 4 canvas shopping bags. She was so proud of herself and it was all her own idea.IMG_20160715_201239
  • Clara enjoyed going on a bear hunt at playgroup, complete with bear ears and face paint. She took a long time to come out of her shell at playgroup, hardly speaking to anyone for the first few months and clinging to me, but now she is very chatty and has been making lots of new friends.IMG_20160714_231118
  • It was my birthday and also our 3rd wedding anniversary last week. We celebrated my birthday with a trip out for Sunday lunch and then to the cinema to see The Secret Life of Pets. I also managed a child free night out with a couple of friends for some tapas and prosecco!
  • Despite all the cake and prosecco I managed to lose weight when I went for my weekly Slimming World weigh in. That’s 11 lb in 5 weeks. I doubt I’ll be wearing a bikini by the time we go on holiday but at least I might feel a bit more confident by the pool!
  • My husband did his first ever sky dive this weekend and raised over £1k for the  Alzheimers Society. He loved it and now I’m seriously considering giving it a go – well it is on my bucket list!

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