• Last weekend was packed full of parties – one each for the kids and a friend’s housewarming party for me. Clara danced and sang with Queen Elsa while Izzy ran riot in the soft play. Though going to a 5 year old’s soft play party at 11am on a Sunday morning was not the ideal place to be with a hangover!



  • This weekend the celebrations continued with a wedding. Our friends had to reschedule their big day when the December storms put the hotel under 3 feet of water on the morning of their nuptuals, leaving half the wedding party stranded for a couple of days and the Groom unable to reach his Bride. Despite the torrential rain this week, they finally managed to say “I do” and it was a really great celebration,  complete with a hypnotist for entertainment, which was freaky, amazing and hilarious is equal measures!


  • The dreaded head lice have infested our home this week for the first time. Izzy started the week thinking it was pretty cool and saying “Aw how cute, look at them wiggling around in the bath” but the novelty soon wore after the third day of going through her hair with the metal comb. I’ve mainly spent all my spare time over the past week, and a small fortune, dealing with the persistent pests – even poor Clara ended up with them – but I think we are finally nit free! For now anyway!
  • Clara has really taken to dressing up lately. She loves twirling in a princess dress, zooming around as “superman” or fighting with her big sister to have a turn with the storm trooper helmet!  It is quite scary being greeted by a storm trooper first thing in the morning!



What has everyone else been up to this week? 

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