DSC_0824This week Clara turned 2. She’s been talking about her birthday for the past couple of weeks, telling everyone what cake she was having and singing happy birthday to herself randomly!

Izzy was at school on Clara’s birthday so Hubby took the day off and we made the most of some rare time just the 3 of us. We took Clara swimming, and then to pick her birthday balloon. She chose a massive Minnie Mouse balloon which then had to come all round town with us. We had babycino treats at Costa before picking Izzy up for the school Spring fayre. Later we all went for tea together and before bed the 2 girls were running around dressed as Neverland fairies playing in a new princess tent. Clara was over the moon with the celebrations and Izzy was really proud and telling everyone that it was her little sister’s birthday.


The next day Clara and her friend Rosie, who turned 1 a few days later, had a joint first and second birthday party. They had lots of fun playing with their friends; it was nice to see Clara playing with her friend from nursery, apparently they are inseparable and follow each other around all day, so it was nice to be able to witness that for ourselves. She has a whole life inside nursery that we usually don’t get to experience. She also loves Rosie and was excited to share their birthday celebrations.


It also meant a lot of baking. I made two cakes – a Minnie Mouse one for Rosie and a Daisy Duck one for Clara. Clara kept asking when she could have cake – she kept asking me to lift her up so she could look at it. It was so cute when we sang happy birthday and she blew the candle out herself.

I can’t believe we have a 2 year old. It’s crazy how quickly the past couple of years have gone!

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