• This week has been a busy one. Hubby has been away and juggling a really busy few days at work with looking after the kids has been tricky. We are all feeling pretty tired and I’m bracing myself for next week being even more hectic!IMG_20160519_180137

  • Clara seems to have regressed when it comes to sleep. We have been quite lucky with both kids. Apart from those exhausting first few months, they have always been pretty good at sleeping through. But for the past couple of weeks Clara has been refusing to go to bed and screams when we leave her room. She’s completely fine when we are with her, and will fall asleep on our knee, but as soon as we try to ninja her into the cot she wakes up! It means getting very little time to ourselves in the evenings and sometimes one of us ends up spending hours sat in her room.
  • At least on Thursday we got to have a child-free evening out. We went to see comedian Romesh Ranganathan – he was really good, and it was nice to just have a night off!
  • Izzy went for a hair cut. She loved chatting to the hairdresser and was telling her all about the things she had been learning at school – including that snakes smell with their tongues! Clara thought she was going to get her hair cut too and kept saying ‘my turn’. Izzy looks so grown up now with her short hair.
  • IMG_20160522_220721Despite the lack of sleep, Clara could not have been any cuter this week. She has been chatting away to people, much more confident than usual, and saying all kinds of new things. She asked for a ‘butterfly sticker’ at the library, as she remembered she had got one the week before, said ‘Sorry Izzy’ after spilling her milk and ‘Thank you Mammy’ after I helped her cut up her food. She’s developing a great vocabulary and using words and phrases in the right context. Izzy teaches her so many things, the latest being how to sing Happy Birthday!
  • IMG_20160521_103235Izzy did her third medal dance on stage and was really pleased with her medal! She did really well and remembered all the steps. Clara was shouting “There’s Izzy” when she came out on stage – she was a very proud little sister.2016-05-23 20.18.27

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  1. I love this round-up! Izzy really does look grown-up with her shorter hair. Oh gosh I really feel for you with the sleep issue, it’s terrible when they won’t sleep and you just want to time for yourself in the evening. How old is Clara? I dislike it when my husband works late, it makes it feel like such a long day, and that you’re doing everything. I hope that life doesn’t get anymore hectic for you, and that you get some “me-time” / and evening. Thanks so much for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG this week. Claire x

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