It really amazes me just how much Clara grows and develops every single day. She’s like a sponge, just soaking up everything around her. I try to think back even three years ago when Izzy was Clara’s age and I feel guilty that I can’t remember how old she was when she did certain things. At least for Clara I will have these updates to look back on, even if I am pretty rubbish at keeping up with them (it’s been 3 months since our last update!).


  • When it comes to talking, I don’t really know where to start! Clara is learning new words every single day and constantly amazes us when we hear her say something for the first time. She puts together several words at a time, and she can usually tell us what she wants, or what she has been doing at nursery. Her latest news words and phrases include:
    • “Mmm, delicious!” (while eating broccoli – I don’t think she knows what delicious means!)
    • “Where Moo Moos gone?” (when she can’t see the cows out of her window)
    • “Come on Bella!” (while gesturing with her hand for Izzy to hurry up)
    • “I need snack / drink / hug / cake.” (Everything is “I neeeeed”)
    • “Anna”, “Elsa”, “Feber” (Frozen Fever)
    • “Oh no, what happened?”
  • She can count to five, although when she says four it unfortunately does sound like she is swearing!

She calls Izzy “Bella” and she loves her so much. She will climb into bed with her, or up on the sofa, always giving her hugs and kisses. They run around together, hold hands, and just love being sisters and best friends. Of course they fight, and Clara has a habit of pulling Izzy’s hair, but Izzy is fiercely protective and when they are out together she is always looking out for her little sister.


  • She has a habit of waving at strangers and calling then Daddy, which gets a few funny looks! I think she thinks all men are called Daddy, and all women are called Mummy.
  • We haven’t started potty training properly yet but there is a potty in the bathroom and now and again Clara will sit on it and make us all clap for her even though she is yet to actually do anything in it. She has a book called Princess Polly’s Potty which she likes to look at.
  • Mealtimes are hit and miss, She has got into the habit of throwing food and climbing out of her high chair, so sometimes it can be a bit of a nightmare!
  • IMG_20160407_175156[1]She loves books and lately has been enjoying The Tiger That Came To Tea and Giraffes Can’t Dance.
  • Unfortunately she has been pulling out her hair – it is growing back really quickly and she was doing really well, but the past couple of weeks she seems to have gone back to pulling her hair out quite a lot during the day, which is a shame.
  • Our little poser loves looking at photos of herself. Whenever I take a photo she says “I see” and insists on looking at the phone or camera.
  • “I walk” is another often uttered command, as she loves walking everywhere. Of course its not always practical and she’s generally quite content in her pushchair, but its so nice just strolling along holding hands, while she points out the birds and trees.
  • IMG_20160314_220947[1]One of the funniest things lately has to be when Clara hurried through to the kitchen to get a dustpan and brush shouting “I made mess!” On following her through to the living room I found that she had tipped dry cereal all over the floor, but bless her she was trying to tidy it up all by herself. Of course she made even more of a mess but it was still cute that she tried.
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