What a bizarre week it has been – snowing one day then so warm we didn’t even have to wear coats the next. Very random! This week we have been:

  • Climbing. Or at least trying to. We took Izzy to Clip n’ Climb which is a indoor climbing centre and even though she only got a few feet off the ground she was so proud of herself. She was really nervous at first but the people who work there were really patient with her and very encouraging, and she kept trying. She can’t wait to go back and try again, to see if she can get a little bit higher next time.

  • Making friends with a Dalek and spending time with the In-laws at The Beacon Museum. At first Izzy was crying hysterically because she was scared of the ‘Garlic’, but she kept going up to it and getting closer and closer until she realised there was nothing to be scared of.
  • Singing. Clara and I were disappointed to miss out on our usual play group as Izzy was off school ill one day during the week, but we did manage to make it to the library for Rhythm and Rhyme time the next day. She took a little while to warm up but she enjoyed singing the Wheels on the Bus, as that’s one of her new favourites. She loves singing at the moment, and has to have a few songs before bed. When we are in the car she insists we listen to ‘Let it go’ or ‘Ooh Ooh’, which is what she calls Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.
  • Painting. I had some bright idea about getting Clara to make a potato print caterpillar, but instead she just wanted to mix up all the paint and mainly paint her t-shirt, hands and feet. It didn’t matter though, she had loads of fun and it was nice to just let her explore with the paint.
  • Splashing in puddles and eating sausage at the Muncaster Castle Sausage Festival. Izzy has been excited about this for weeks, in the morning she even ran through to our room to tell us it was time for ‘Sausage Fest!’. She is easily pleased, although it was very wet and muddy.

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  1. You packed lots into your week. I bet meeting the dalek was great fun once your daughter got used to it. Ignore the negative comments on your blog post – you posted for a reason and are entitled to your opinion as it’s your blog. We’ve linked up to #Wickedwednesday before now and I really enjoy looking back at the mayhem of the baby years. #TwinklyTuesday

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