We’ve been having a bit of a problem with Clara over the past few months. She has been pulling her hair out which has resulted in some big patches where her hair is thinning and short. It’s a comfort thing – she sucks her thumb on one hand and with the other she plays with her hair, wrapping it around her fingers and pulling it. As she always sucks her left thumb, she only pulls the hair she can reach with her right hand – so she has lovely blond curls on one side of her head and short, wispy hair on the other side. However, in the past few weeks the situation has really improved and we are feeling positive that she’s going to break this habit.

The turning point was when I searched on-line for advice on how to stop toddlers pulling their hair out. I came across this website for a company called Scratch Sleeves. I ordered a set of Scratch Mitts for Clara to try, and then the company very kindly sent Clara a PJ top to review.


Originally created to stop children with eczema from scratching their skin, the specially made clothing can also be used to stop children from pulling out their hair. The scratch mitts look a bit like a cardigan, and have gloves attached to the sleeves. They can be worn over or under clothing, and the silky material prevents children from being able to grip the hair (or scratch their skin). The PJ top works in the same way, with built in gloves.

Clara is usually quite happy to wear the scratch mitts, over her pyjamas and under her sleeping bag. We call them her special gloves. She found that there was enough room in them that she could still suck her thumb through the material if she wanted to, but mostly she prefers to stroke her face and head with the soft gloves. So it’s having the added benefit of reducing thumb sucking at night too.


Straight away we noticed a difference as the bed sheet wasn’t covered with hair the next morning. Even just having one night without her pulling clumps of hair out was such a relief, and gave me confidence that this is a habit that we can stop. It’s been about 2 months now and in that time she has only managed to wriggle out of the scratch mitts once, so they do stay on pretty well.

The PJ top just goes on over her vest, with her usual pyjama bottoms, although it is also available with matching trousers. It’s harder to take off than the mitts, so if your child is using a sheet or duvet rather than a sleeping bag the PJ top may be a bit more secure during the night. However, you can also put the sleeves on underneath a loose t-shirt, so there are lots of options to ensure your child keeps them on.


Babies and younger children who pull hair or scratch their skin could wear the sleeves all the time if needed, but at 22 months old Clara is quite active and wants to play, so she doesn’t often wear them during the day. When we see her putting her hand up to her head we try to distract her with toys, hold her hand, sing, dance, anything to to stop her from pulling her hair. We also went to see the health visitor who reinforced that we are approaching this in the right way. We have to try not to make a big deal out of it in case she starts to do it for attention, but its quite hard when she has a huge clump of hair firmly gripped in her little fist!

After a few weeks of wearing the scratch sleeves in the evenings, we noticed that the hair was starting to grow back. We also noticed that she wasn’t pulling as much hair out during the day – she is still playing with her hair but sometimes when she pulls it out she looks upset and says “My hair!” as she shows us it in the palm of her hand. Other days she will pull out clumps so while she is getting better and not pulling as much, it’s still a problem which we are working on every day.


It’s going to be a slow process. It’s like any behaviour that needs to be changed – it takes time to break the habit. Just knowing that she isn’t pulling her hair out in the evening and when she is in her cot is a huge relief! It has really made a big difference, not just to Clara but by giving us some reassurance that we can tackle this. I appreciate that we are extremely lucky and if the worst we have to deal with is a toddler having a constant bad hair day we really have nothing to complain about, but it has been quite upsetting at times. Watching her hurt herself by pulling her hair, seeing her destroy her lovely blond curls, it can leave you feeling pretty helpless. But we are getting there, and she is doing really well.


I really would recommend Scratch Sleeves to anyone whose child pulls their hair or scratches their skin. They can even be used when your little one has chicken pox to prevent scratching. Both the mitts and the PJ top wash really well in the washing machine and can be tumble dried – which is great when you need to have them washed and dried ready for bed time. They are made from 100% cotton, and the gloves are 100% natural silk, which is cooling on delicate skin. They are available in sizes for newborn babies to 8 year olds, and come in several different colours. Visit www.scratchsleeves.co.uk to find out more.

*We were kindly given a Scratch Sleeves PJ top to review. The Scratch Mitts were purchased independently. All words and opinions are my own.*

Is hair pulling something that your child has done? How have you tackled thumb sucking? Please leave me a comment below if you have any tips or suggestions that we could try! 🙂 

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  1. This sounds like a great product – my youngest has eczema which has flared up against recently and I’ve had to resort to bandaging her arms to stop her scratching. This would be perfect for helping with that too. Glad to hear that it has helped to break the habit of Clara pulling out her hair.

    • It’s really hard to stop them scratching. My eldest has a patch of eczema on her arm which she is constantly scratching no matter what creams we try! She’s worse during the day and when she’s at school.

  2. I wish I had had these for my two when they were little, it was hard to keep their nails trimmed and they were always scratching themselves!

    • Babies nails seem to grow at a ridiculous rate, they always seem to scratch themselves even when you have just cut their nails!

  3. I have a toddler with a ridiculous patch of hair on the left of her hair that she has tied knots in and pulled out to the extent that the right side of her hair is well down her back and the left just a few inches long. It’s hearbreaking! I wonder if this might help her too.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

    • That’s just like Clara! On one side her hair is getting quite long, and on the other its maybe an inch long where she’s either snapped the hair or where it’s grown back. It has grown back very quickly though now she’s not pulling as much. Its going to need cut at some point to even up the sides, but I can’t bring myself to get her lovely curls cut to match the other side of her head, so I’m trying to wait a couple of months and hopefully it will have grown back more. I would definitely give the mitts a try, it hasn’t eliminated all the pulling completely (as she can still pull during the day) but it has helped loads.

  4. I heard of these for use with eczema but never with hair pulling. I’m glad to hear they are helping your little girl. My toddler is two and three quarters and sucks his thumb – we’re trying to encourage him just to suck it at bedtime but it is difficult. But then I sucked my thumb until I was about 8 so I don’t know how much success we’re going to have! #TriedTested

    • Both my girls suck their thumbs – Izzy is 5 and we are trying to get her to stop. We’ve started like yourself, limiting it to bedtime for now, but she often just forgets as its a habit. Good luck – and let me know if you find something that works!

  5. I wish I had known something like this existed with my eldest! She was forever scratching when he was small! Thanks for sharing on #ToddlerApprovedTuesday im sure this will help many others xx

    • Thank you, hopefully it will help others, its awful when you can see your little ones hurting themselves but they are too little to understand!

  6. My daughter also started pulling her hair at night (at around 20 months old) and we bought these to tackle the problem. It took about 4 months but she’s now almost 3 and has pretty much stopped. She still has to wear them at night otherwise she starts pulling again but the mittens have been amazing at controlling her urge to pull.

    • Clara has recently started pulling her hair again, but luckily the mitts are doing a great job at night. She was doing so well and had stopped for a while but we’ve noticed her hair thinning on one side again. I’m hoping when she stops sucking her thumb she will stop pulling her hair for good.

  7. My daughter started pulling her hair at night as a baby. I sewed mitts on the end of her onsies sleeves. Now she is 3 and STILL has to wear the mitts on her pj’s (home made) but has begun pulling it during the day. These sleeves might be a good option for day time use? I hate the thought of taking her hands away during the day, but I don’t know what else to do. She is too young for a habit bracelet.

    • Clara has started pulling her hair again, and the daytime is a real problem. That’s the problem isn’t it, you don’t want to restrict their hands during the day when they should be exploring and playing. My sister got her a fidget cube, wearing a hat helps sometimes too, as does toys with hair – like My Little Ponies. We just try and distract her as much as possible but its hard to do that all the time. Does your daughter suck her thumb too? Clara does and the two things seem connected so we are trying to get her to stop sucking her thumb to see if that stops the hair pulling. She wipes off the horrible tasting nail varnish though and we got her a thumb guard and she just takes it off!

  8. Hi! I’m glad I found your article. My daughter only pulls her hair a little in order to get just one hair (sometimes there are a little more) and she plays with that one hair with both hands thumbs and indexs. She tends to put the hair in her mouth just to feel it, i find some around her soother and sometimes in the morning she takes one out of her mouth when I go get her from her crib. She only ever does this before falling asleep. If she is sleeping in the car, nap in her bed or at night. It’s not enough to see a bald spot or to find lots of hair in her bed. You might find one or two from time to time. So I wonder if I should go ahead and put the no scratch mittens before sleep on her? In order to try to break the habit? She is 19 months old. She always had a thing for pulling on her hair since she was about 5 months old she would grasp the little bit of hair on her head while drinking her bottle in my arms and was pulling on it hard.. not to try to have a hair in her hands at that time.. so I thought nothing of it, just found it a tad bizarre. Now that she is approaching 2 and that she always does it before stalling asleep I am afraid it’s became her “blankie”. Eventhough she has a soother, her favorite stuffed animals, soft blankets, a book etc she still ends up pulling on her hair to get that one hair to play with right before she falls asleep. It’s not even right away it’s when she gets in that sleepy state..

    • I would try the scratchsleeves to see if it breaks the habit, while she’s still little. Clara likes playing with the hair as a comfort, twiddling it around her fingers and rubbing it on her face. When she was tired it would be much worse, and the sleeves really helped at night. She still like to tug on her hair and twiddle it round her fingers, without pulling it out. It’s taken a long time for her to stop though (and I say stop, she still pulls some out from time to time but nowhere near as bad) so I don’t think it would do any harm to give it a try now just in case it does get worse as she gets older. Good luck, I hope she manages to break the habit.

  9. Hi there. I just had my first successful night for my daughter who pulls her hair when going to sleep and napping. I am wondering how long it took your daughter to stop the habit as your article is from a year off two ago? Any insight would be much appreciated.


    • Hi, Clara still wears the gloves at night and she is 4 now – if she doesn’t wear them we will sometimes find hair in her bed in the morning, so she does it without even realising. I thought she would have grown out of the habit by now. During the day we put stop n grow nail varnish on her thumb – it tastes horrible so stops her sucking her thumb and then she’s less likely to pull her hair as the two things are linked for her – she sucks her thumb while the other hand plays with her hair.

  10. Hi there!
    How is your daughter now? I know I’m this is an old article but my 2.5 year old wears sleeves for all sleep for hair pulling. Manager to get hand out tonight and I watched in monitor hoping for a change but immediately pulled. Trying not to get too concerned but I’m a worrier!

    • She is 6 now and unfortunately still pulls. There are good and bad phases, sometimes it is quite extreme and ahe has had quite severe bald patches. She still wears sleeves at night and now wears hats during the day (they especially help at school) to try and curb the pulling. We’ve also had her hair cut short to help and tried fidget toys etc. Don’t be disheartened by that, every child has a different experience and some do grow out of it, but it is very frustrating!

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