The first week of the Easter Holidays got off to a flying start – after our fun over the Bank Holiday weekend, this week we have visited a museum, danced with princesses, hunted for eggs and been to the theatre.

The Beacon, a local museum, currently have an exhibition all about aliens and science fiction. When I told Izzy that they had some Star Wars models there she decided that would be her treat for filling her reward chart. It took a few weeks but she eventually filled it in time for the school holidays! We visited with friends and the kids loved seeing all the life size models and designing their own aliens.


Another local attraction is a place called Darling Manor, where little darlings can party with their favourite Disney princesses. Clara is even more Frozen obsessed than Izzy, and is always singing “Let it Go!” so I booked for the two of them to meet Anna and Elsa for the afternoon. They dressed up for the occasion and loved singing, dancing and playing games with the ice sisters. Izzy had a great time and was chatting away to the princesses. Clara absolutely loved it, she was twirling around, singing away and had a big smile on her face.


The girls also had a play date with their cousins and we hunted in the garden for chocolate eggs, had an egg and spoon race and made chocolate cornflake cakes.

On Friday we headed to Rheged in Penrith, where we watched a family theatre show based on Julia Donaldson stories. ‘Tiddler and other tales’ included singing, dancing, storytelling, puppets and props. Clara sat nice the entire time. She was clapping and waving and making monkey noises, never taking her eyes off the stage. Izzy was excited that she knew all the stories, so it was familiar while being a new experience at the same time.

It’s been a great week, though I think the second week of school holidays may have to be a little more low key after all those treats!

Blog Roundup

I’ve been nominated for the MAD Blog Awards 2016 in the Best Blog and Best School Days Blog categories – Okay so I know it was my sister who nominated me and I don’t stand a chance of being short-listed from all the thousands of nominations, but it’s still really nice to be part of it!

What have you been up to over the Easter Holidays? Any suggestions of activities for our last few days off before school starts back? Please leave me a comment below 🙂

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  1. Ahh lovely time and great round up here hun looks like kiddos are having a blast. Never sell yourself short on the Mads I was new and couldn’t believe I made it my first year in blogging if you don’t ask you don’t get so best of luck to you darling. Thanks for linking up to #ShareWithMe

    • It’s perfect for little – and not so little – princesses! Even I was singing along to the Frozen songs (and they made the parents get up to do the Hokey Cokey which was a bit of good fun!).

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