Family time 

We spent some lovely family time together this weekend, with a trip to Muncaster Castle on Saturday and the Aquarium on Sunday. At Muncaster, all was going well and the girls were having a great time running around the almost empty grounds – until Izzy fell off the swing and face planted the floor. She burst her lip in two places – among the tears and mud there was so much blood! She recovered quickly, but she made sure that everyone knew about it. Clara kept pointing at the owls and hawks and whispering ‘Hello Birdie’.



At the aquarium, she was excited to see the ‘Feesh’, and she loved playing on the climbing frame and slide in the play park – and the see-saw, though she insisted that I sing ‘Horsey Horsey’ over and over again!


Thumbs down

Izzy and I had a check up with the Dentist. I thought I would take the opportunity to ask him about the damage that thumb sucking can do – I knew what he would say but I wanted Izzy to hear it from someone other than me, so she might actually listen! He explained to her that her adult teeth might stick out if she keeps sucking her thumb and told her that when he sees her in 6 months, he wants her to have stopped. She was a bit upset afterwards, but she told me that she understood and promised to try really hard not to suck her thumb any more. I was really proud of her attitude – I know she’s going to find it hard to break a five-year habit, but she’s being really positive about it. We are not rushing her – we’ve said that we will remind her if we see her doing it during the day, but we won’t worry too much about night time yet. She does it in her sleep, so that could be difficult to tackle. Hopefully if we can break the habit during the day that will help with night times. We’ve promised her a treat of her choice if she can stop sucking her thumb altogether – she’s picked a light saber! Does anyone have any hints or tips to stop thumb-sucking?

Me time

Before our trip to Muncaster I spent the morning having a facial and manicure. I got a voucher for Christmas – I don’t often spend time being pampered, or pampering myself, so it was really nice. It was so relaxing I felt myself falling asleep during the facial!

Blog Roundup 

My first ever sponsored post, a collaboration with Yorkshire Linen, was published this week.

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7 comments on “Our Weekly Roundup #8”

  1. I think the reward for not doing it is a good idea. I have a star chart for Tom to stamp out his undesirable habit of play fighting at school. For every four weeks he doesn’t do it he gets a prize. It only took a few weeks for him to stop it. I was surprised because he would do it without realising (a habit). But he hasn’t thumped anyone for aaaaaages x

    • That’s great, he’s doing really well. We do have a star chart so we are using that. It’s a habit, she is so used to doing it she doesn’t even realise half the time.

    • It was nice to have a relaxing morning, I still have some vouchers left so I’ve booked again for a few weeks time, I’ll need it after the Easterholidays!

  2. Poor Izzy smacking her face, bless her. I hope you can find a way to stop her sucking her thumb. My stepdaughter sucks her thumb and really needs to stop as she is getting her adult teeth through now. Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  3. I know quite a few friends who were thumb suckers as kids – including my husband who sucked his until he was about 10 – none of them ever had to wear braces. I, on the other hand, never had a dummy or sucked my thumb but needed braces. I think it is all in the genes.
    Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

    • I never really minded her sucking her thumb, but lately people have started to comment on it and a trip to the dentist seemed like a good prompt to encourage her to stop. I’m sure her teeth will be fine – if there are any problems at least braces could help.

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