Mother’s Day
The girls have been busy making Mother’s Day treats this week. Izzy made a lovely card and some tissue paper flowers at school, and she was so proud when she brought them home on Friday. Clara made card at nursery, and when she gave me it this morning she was so excited. “Me! Hand!” she said, pointing to her hand and then to the handprint flowers. She also painted me some pictures at playgroup and gave me a little bunch of daffodils.


Sunday morning I had a lie in of sorts (I was constantly disturbed but it was still nice to have a lazy morning!). I was treated to croissants with Nutella and tea in bed, with flowers, cards and presents. Izzy and Clara decided to dress up as Anna and Elsa and were dancing around the living room together. We then had a lovely roast dinner, courtesy of Hubby and snuggled up on the sofa watching Lilo and Stitch.


We had a lovely Mother’s Day, although Izzy was a bit put out that she didn’t get any gifts. She even said that her and Clara and Daddy had been so nice to me and got me such lovely things and I wasn’t very nice as I hadn’t even given them any treats!

World Book Day
Izzy insisted on dressing up as Bat Girl for school on Thursday. I suppose she is a character from a comic book, but I was a little envious of all the great costumes on the day! However she has a wardrobe full of dressing up clothes so I didn’t want to buy her yet another costume! She had lots of fun taking part in a dance workshop on the day too.


Blog roundup

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