These jewellery bowls are really easy to make and would make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday!

PicMonkey Collage-clay

Aside from the drying time in between stages, they are quite quick to make and children can roll, cut out, decorate and paint the clay themselves – although young children may need help with the rolling and cutting!

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What you will need:

1. Roll out the clay to about 5mm thick and cut around a small bowl so you are left with a circle of clay.

2. Decorate with stamps or small cookie cutters or use a cocktail stick to write or draw on the clay, being careful not to press too hard. Alternatively, you could leave it plain and just paint a pattern or picture once dry.


3. Place the clay in the bottom of a bowl so that the edges curl up slightly, to make the shape of a shallow dish.

4. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours. About half way through, take the clay out of the bowl and turn upside down so that the underside of the clay gets chance to dry.


5. Once dry, use some fine sandpaper to smooth down any rough bits.

6. Paint however you chose  – acrylic paint works well on clay and dries quite quickly. Leave to dry.


8. Varnish it with quick drying varnish – do one side then leave for a couple of minutes before turning over and varnishing the other side. Do two coats and leave to dry.




4 comments on “How to Make: Clay Jewellery Bowls”

  1. What a fab idea! I’m looking to write a round-up post of awesome crafts suitable for a 4/5 year old and will definitely include this! Great idea, especially for that everyday jewellery us mummy’s wear! x

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