Half Term 

It was nice to spend some more time with Izzy while she was off school for half term, but she was pleased to go back and see her classmates yesterday! I was working for some of the week and Izzy was with her grandparents and Clara at nursery, so we didn’t get to do much, but we did manage to fit in a play date with a couple of friends. Both girls were really excited to have friends over to play and typically got out every single toy they own! But they all had a lot of fun. As the weather was pretty awful we also got to spend some quite lazy time together – lazy mornings in bed, watching films on the sofa, and the kids did some yoga (well, Izzy copied the yoga moves from YouTube, while Clara tried to join in!)


Before dance class on Thursday, Izzy got a bit upset and insisted she didn’t want to go any more. It was partly because she was tired and didn’t want to leave the house, but partly because she was worried about doing her medal test the following day. She was worried about getting the dance wrong, although I tried to reassure her that even if she forgot a step, it wouldn’t matter. I told her if she didn’t want to do it, she had to at least go and tell her dance teacher. Of course once she got to the class she decided to give the dance a go, and then did such a good job that she  got really excited about her medal test the following day!


When she got up on stage she had a huge smile on her face and remembered all the steps. She looked so cute and was really proud of herself when she got her medal – she couldn’t stop giggling. Now she is really excited to learn more dances and earn more medals – she has her eye on a trophy!

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  1. How cute and proud does she look holding that medal?! I can’t wait til my daughter starts ballet classes when she turns 3, mostly to see her in the cute tutus!

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