Toys and books just seem to take over our house. It doesn’t matter how often we go through them and relegate things that are no longer played with to the loft, charity shop or rubbish tip, the collection just continues to grow. Christmas, and Izzy’s birthday right afterwards, brought a whole new influx of exciting toys and games, all which needed homes. I also committed to giving the whole house a good sort out during January, getting rid of things we no longer need and reorganising everything else, so having some good storage systems in place for toys is a key part of this. Of course we still have toys strewn all over the house, some which are too big to ever really be tidied away, but at least most things have a home!

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Here are some of the storage solutions we use.

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1. KiddyPlay Wooden Storage Bin Rack (Amazon)
We have this in pink/pastel colours in Izzy’s room. She likes it because she can easily see her toys and get them out herself, and I like that it’s easy just to throw everything back in the boxes. Often I think kid’s forget what toys they have, especially if things are stored away where they can’t see them. This way some of their toys can be on display, within easy reach, and rotated around every so often with less visible toys.

2. IKEA TROFAST Wooden Storage Unit (IKEA)
We have two of these –  a large unit in our living room and a smaller one in Clara’s room. If you visit IKEA or order from their website, you can choose from several different frame options, and then choose a combination of different size boxes depending on what you want to store. The boxes also come in different colours – we have a mix of white and pink.

This is a really sturdy storage option, and there is space to store larger toys on top of the unit. It’s really easy just to bring out one box at a time to play with, or kids can reach the boxes themselves to take out (and put away) their toys. I try (although they don’t always stay this way) to group toys together in different boxes, so we have one for plastic figures, one for Clara’s cars and track, one for tea sets and play food, one for musical instruments etc. Knowing where everything should live makes tidying up a lot easier.


3. Picture Rail for books (IKEA)
This is one of my favourite features in our house. We have 3 IKEA picture rails in Izzy’s room to display and store books (in addition to a bookshelf). She can see what books she has and pick which one she wants to read, and every so often I rotate them with the ones on the bookshelf – which are sometimes forgotten about.

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4. Munchkin Corner Bath Organiser (Amazon)
Our Munchkin corner bath storage is really handy – we can just throw all the bath toys in straight after bath time, and the water drips out of the bottom so you don’t have to dry everything first. The fabric dries really quickly and while we have had it for well over a year now and it’s not gone mouldy or smelly.

5. Plastic Storage Boxes (Amazon)
These are a simple solution for larger collections of toys – we keep all the Duplo in one, and all the Peppa Pig play sets in another. It’s easy just to dump everything out on the floor and throw it all back in the box again, plus they stack up to make the most of your space.

6. Small Plastic Storage Boxes (Wilkinsons)
We use these to organise our craft cupboard, with separate boxes for different craft supplies.


7. Utility Box for Lego (Wilkinsons)
This box is perfect for organising Izzy’s ever-growing Lego collection. The lift out tray has lots of little compartments for mini figures and accessories, and all those tiny fiddly pieces of Lego, while the larger compartment underneath is ideal for all the loose bricks and instruction booklets.

8. Road Play Mat (IKEA)
While this isn’t a storage container, it’s still one way that we organise toys. In the corner of our living room we have this IKEA mat which we put larger toys on that don’t fit in boxes or on shelves. The kids can pull the toys out so they have more room to play, but at the end of the day when we are clearing up we can just put everything back on the mat so the living room doesn’t look like a complete tip!



12 comments on “8 Storage Solutions for Toys and Books”

  1. I have a storage unit like the first one mentioned, it’s great for books and all the little toys that get left about – there’s no real structure to it but it works. I really like the picture rail idea for books, that’s a nice way to display and encourage reading. Good old IKEA! Ray x #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. We have the trofast and its a god send for just chucking toys in. I love the picture rail idea for rotating the books but I am not sure we have a space for that. It would be nice though as my youngest struggles to put her books back because there are so many, I think we need to have a sort out too 🙂

  3. Ikea is my Mecca for all things storage! We are lucky to have a playroom with two walls of storage but even with a regular 6 monthly claret we still struggle for space. The worst things are the little bits of sets and figures that get thrown into storage boxes never to be seen again, and the piles and piles of lego! #fortheloveofblog

  4. Storage is so important when you have children, and there are some great ideas here. It’s amazing how inventive you can be to prevent the toys cluttering the living room. We are looking for a sloping box storage item very similar to the first storage solution in your list. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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