We had snow!

On Saturday we headed to Whinlatter Forest to visit the Stickman trail, and although I suspected there may be some snow there, I didn’t expect quite so much! In Izzy’s words, it was ‘a winter wonderland’, and she had a great time building a snowman and throwing snowballs.



It was the first time that Clara had experienced snow, and while she seemed to enjoy it from the safety of her new carrier (which we were trying out for the first time that day), she wasn’t keen on standing or walking on the white stuff. I’m not sure if it was the feel of it, that it was slippery or that there were quite a lot of dogs around, but she just didn’t want to be on the ground. I’d hoped to get some cute photos of the two girls in their matching coats and hats, building a snowman together… but no such luck!

New glasses

Izzy was also very happy this week that she needs new glasses. I’m sure when she is older she won’t be quite so happy that her eyesight is getting worse, but for now being able to pick some new glasses is really exciting for her. She asked if she could have Star Wars ones, as that is her new favourite thing, but they were all too big and designed for boys – unsurprisingly, they didn’t suit her face. She was a little disappointed but luckily Specsavers have a good range of Disney Princess frames so she picked some Ariel glasses and Anna sunglasses, which we will collect next week.

Water baby 

I took Clara swimming last week on my own for the first time. This is another example of where she suffers from second child syndrome – I used to take Izzy swimming regularly from just a few months old, but Clara has been maybe a handful of times, and only when all of us are able to go. So I decided we were going to break the Friday morning rut of Peppa Pig and housework, and earn some ‘good mum points’ (or should that be ‘smug mum points’?) and spend some quality time at the pool. She loved it, and has no fear at all when it comes to the water. Unfortunately she swallowed so much of the stuff that she threw up on me. In the pool. Not so smug mum now!

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