Birthday Girl 

This week we have mainly been celebrating Izzy’s 5th birthday. She had a tea party with family, complete with a Ninjago cake, and then at the weekend had a party at the soft play with her friends. She continued the Lego theme with a Unikitty cake and wore her new Lego Movie t shirt. She was very lucky and got loads of lovely presents – including lots of new princess dresses! She kept saying ‘I can’t believe I am 5… 5 Mummy!”




Getting back to normal 

As much as we enjoyed the school holidays, I think Izzy was really ready to go back. The lack of routine and spending more time in the house rather than running around with her friends seemed to send her stir-crazy. So when she ended up having an extra week off after her school was damaged in the storm we had a lot of tears, tantrums and even the threat of running away! I’ve got to say I was relieved to go back to work this week. Not so keen on the early mornings but the routine will do everyone some good.

Clara has enjoyed seeing more of Izzy, and has spent a lot of the holidays following her around. On Sunday though she was quite happy just sitting in a cardboard box, on her own, in pyjamas and a tutu, watching Frozen.


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