In the last few months, Clara has developed into a fully fledged Toddler. Complete with tantrums and an amazing personality. She knows her own mind, what she likes and what she doesn’t, and isn’t afraid to tell us exactly what she wants! Even without knowing many words, she has her own special way of communicating with us.


She loves her food…
…and she knows exactly where her favourite things are kept! When we get home she goes to her cupboard, gets out a plastic bowl and then stands underneath the snack cupboard, pointing. Or she goes into the cupboard where the Pom Bears are kept and tries to help herself.

She’s very independent and only wants to feed herself, which can get pretty messy when she is tackling soup. But she always looks like she is having the time of her life, with food in her hair and smeared all over her face.


Little Miss Chatterbox
She has learnt so many new words lately, including Pom (Pom Bears), Spoon, Nose, ‘Mow’ (Mouth), Ear, Eye, Hair, and Poo – which she says while patting her nappy so we know she needs changed. Or as Hubby found out, when she’s not wearing a nappy she says Poo to tell him she’s about to wee all over the floor!

Whenever we are in a supermarket or large shop she will sit in the trolley and wave and shout ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ at everyone she passes. She gets louder and louder until they acknowledge her – God help them if they ignore her – it can make for some quite uncomfortable shopping trips!

She also has started doing a very cute little thing where she wags her finger and says ‘No, no, no!’, then puts it to her lips and says ‘Shhhhhh’. Not sure where she has got that one from!

Music Lover
When she’s not chatting away, she’s singing. She can tell me which songs she want, and then tries to sing along. One of her favourites is Wind the Bobbin Up, which she knows all the actions too. She tells me if she wants us to sing ‘Row Row’ or ‘Baa Baa’ and for Twinkle Twinkle she moves her fingers like a twinkly star. She also does an epic toddler rendition of Let it Go, complete with the dramatic arm movements! The slightest hint of a tune and she is wiggling her hips with the best of the them.

Sisterly Love
It is so funny watching these two together. They will often walk around holding hands, and Clara will run up to Izzy and give her a huge hug. She loves to climb up on the sofa next to her and snuggle in to watch TV, although the two of them are in a constant battle to get the coveted corner spot on the sofa (just like Mummy and Daddy!)

She copies of Izzy at any opportunity – she copies her dance moves, tries to click her fingers (puts her finger and thumb together and makes a clicking noise with her tongue) and tries to copy her when she talks and sings. Which isn’t always a good thing as Izzy never stops talking!

Book Worm
She’s now starting to happily sit and be read to. Previously she would just try and rip the pages or throw the books on the floor, but now she likes me to read One Ted Fell Out Of Bed at least three times in a row at bedtime!


Favourite Toys
She loves playing with dolls, a lot more than Izzy did at this age. She is very caring and gives ‘Baby’ a bottle and hugs and kisses. The Kitchen is another winner, with her enjoying cooking and making cakes for us.

We now have an entire drawer filled with musical instruments – Clara loves to play the harmonica or shake a maraca! Of course its impossible to keep all of Izzy’s toys away from her, so she loves playing with little figures, making them walk and talk. I’d love to know what is going through her head as we see her lost in her own little world as she plays.

TV Fan
Clara has now discovered the joy of watching TV, and likes In the Night Garden and Mr Tumble. As soon as she hears the opening credits of ITNG she grabs my hand and does the little ’round and round’ on my palm. She loves trying to copy Mr Tumble’s signing.

Making Friends
We have started going to a new play group. Clara usually spends the first half clinging to my leg, before she finally warms up (oddly enough, usually in time for snack time). She is starting to enjoy playing with other children and making new friends. Nursery is going really well too – she really seems to love it there and it’s really reassuring to know she is happy while I’m at work. My favourite bit is on the odd occasion I drop her off in the morning instead of her Daddy, I get to see all her little friends who always look really happy to see her. “It’s Clara!” “Yeay! Clara is here!” “Come sit next to me today.”

I say this all the time but I can’t believe how quickly the time is going. It seems like no time at all since she was a tiny baby (okay, she was never really tiny!) and now she runs round and talks and sings and is a proper little girl.


The List with You Baby Me Mummy

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2 comments on “18 Months Update”

  1. What an exciting update. My little man is 14 months so I’m just before you in that stage where all the screaming means he doesn’t know how to tell us what he wants. I’m looking forward to a few words and some better spoon usage like in your awesome photo 🙂

    • Thank you, it’s so frustrating for them when they know what they want but we can’t understand! It did take me a good few minutes yesterday to realise that Clara was asking me for a spoon, by which time she looked like she wanted to throw it at me!

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