Izzy loves anything to do with princesses. And ninjas, and superheroes. But show her something with a Disney Princess on and she goes quite giddy and very excitable. So when we received a Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register to review, I knew she would love it.


She opened the box, not knowing what to expect, and when she saw the toy her eyes lit up. “Wow, Is this for me? I saw this on the telly… and I thought I would really like one of these for my birthday!”

She wanted to play with it straight away and set up a shop for her and Clara. She liked the barcode stickers that come with the till and stuck them on some of her toys so she could scan them. Clara of course doesn’t know how to play shops. She mainly just wanted to take the money out of the drawer (it comes with some notes, coins and a credit card) and press the buttons to make the cash register talk. But Izzy was patient with her (for a while anyway!) and gave her a sticker for “being good in the Disney shop”.

I found it quite funny that Izzy was pretending to work in the Disney Store and rewarding Clara for good behaviour, as nearly all our trips to the Disney Store end in tantrums (Izzy) and tears (me)! She was wearing her Frozen onsie at the time and said that was her uniform – “because we sell lots of Frozen things here.”


The cash register is great for learning numbers and maths – Izzy is just starting to get her head around adding and subtracting at the moment so she likes to use the till as a calculator.

It says a few different phrases, which did make me laugh. “Will that be credit, debit, or maybe a little magic?” If only a little bit of magic worked in real life!


I asked Izzy what she likes about this toy. She said she likes that it is pink and has princesses on (predictable answer!) but also she likes the scanner, which beeps when you press the button, and she loves the little key which opens the drawer. Most of all I think she just loves being able to play shops with her little sister.


You can buy a Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register (RRP £24.99) from Smyths Toy Store.

We were given this toy by Jakks Toys in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are those of myself and my daughter.

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