Do your Christmas shopping in style (and save on the plastic bag tax) with your own personalised bag. We made these bags as some pre-christmas presents so they could be used in the run up to the big day, but they would also look nice holding gifts under the tree.


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What you need

P1110526 - Copy

How to make

  1. To get clearer hand or footprints, especially from younger children, put a box or piece of card inside the bag so the fabric lies flat.
  2. Fabric paint isn’t designed to wash out, so make sure the kids are wearing old clothes or are covered up – Clara’s lovely new pink trousers now have black paint on them, oops!
  3. Pick your design and get painting.
    1. Reindeers – brown handprints with the fingers pointing upwards
    2. Christmas trees – green handprints with the fingers pointing downwards
    3. Penguins – paint feet white in the middle and black around the edges and toes, and print with the toes pointing downwards
    4. Christmas wreath – green handprints pointing outwards to make a circle, with 2 red handprints for the bow.
  4. Add the details using more fabric paint or the pens (you might need to let bags dry for 5-10 minutes first, depending on how much paint you have used)
    1. Reindeers – add eyes and a red thumbprint for a nose
    2. Christmas trees – add baubles and a star using fingerprints
    3. Penguins – add eyes and a beak using fabric pens
    4. Christmas wreath – add fingerprint berries




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