Izzy and Clara were kindly given some new Hey Duggee toys to try out. They received a Hey Duggee Woof Woof Soft Toy and Clubhouse Playset from Golden Bear Toys.


If you haven’t seen Hey Duggee on cBeebies, it’s about Duggee, the leader of the Squirrel Club. It’s basically like the scouts, and each episode the squirrels earn badges for everything from bird watching to bouncing.

As soon as we opened the parcel Izzy was excited to see the toys. She was pleased that her and Clara could have a toy each and picked the Clubhouse for herself and the soft toy for Clara.


Izzy really enjoyed playing with the Clubhouse. It comes with a Duggee figure and some furniture, and she used her other figures, including princesses, as the Squirrels. She was pretending that they were earning different badges. At the moment she is really into playing schools, so she likes to set up her figures as if they are in the classroom and Duggee is the teacher. Izzy did say that it would be nice to have some Squirrel figures, and it’s a shame that none come with the clubhouse. You can buy these separately though and she said she might like some for Christmas, which is a good idea.


Clara enjoyed playing with the Clubhouse too, but it’s made of quite thin plastic so I didn’t want her to break it. On the plus side, its not big and bulky so it doesn’t take up lots of space – it’s fairly compact. It is for children aged 3 plus, so for Izzy’s age (she’s 4) its perfect. For destructive toddlers not so much – though she is playing with it really nicely in the video below!

However, Clara absolutely loves the Hey Duggee Woof Woof Soft Toy, which is for children aged 10 months plus. Straight away she began pressing the buttons, which say phrases from the show. She likes it when it plays the theme song, and she dances around the living room. When she pats it on its head Duggee woofs, and she copies him and giggles. I’ve got to say I really like the soft toy, I love watching Clara’s face when it talks!

Izzy seems to really like the idea of earning badges for different tasks (a future Brownie perhaps?) so here’s a video of her earning a bouncing badge, just like the Squirrels!

The Hey Duggee Clubhouse and Woof Woof Soft Toy are both available on the Golden Bear Toys website. We were kindly given both these items in return for an honest review.

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