Izzy had her first ever parents evening. According to her teacher she has settled in lovely at school and is always enthusiastic about everything! The best bit was looking through some of her workbooks, such as the ‘Weekend News’ were she draws a picture every Monday to explain what she has done over the weekend. It’s funny to see what kind of things are really big news to her – like going for a walk and finding a conker, or going swimming in the big pool. I know she has only been there for a couple of months but its reassuring to know that she has settled in well and is trying her best. She is so determined to be ‘Learner of the week’ and is always a little disappointed when the accolade goes to one of her classmates (although not jealous, just determined to try even harder, which is nice!) and she is never prouder than when she gets a sticker – whether its for eating all her lunch or doing really well at reading.

wpid-img_20151113_145543.jpgHubby turned 35, which I’m sure he will love me sharing with you! To celebrate, we had wine, beer and party food with good friends, often interrupted by Izzy who was scared she was missing out on something. Considering that she is always so loud and noisy, she can be deadly silent when she wants to be! She didn’t even make the stairs creak as she sneaked down to the kitchen, making me jump out of my skin and almost drop the pile of plates and very sharp knife I was holding at the time! Eventually I let her stay down for ten minutes and have some party food, and once she was satisfied that she wasn’t missing out she went back to bed and we didn’t hear another peep from her. I made an Avengers cake as my Husband is a big Marvel fan, and we finished the night with a lengthy game of Cards Against Humanity, an hilariously offensive game. (Luckily Izzy was fast asleep by then and didn’t overhear any of the atrocities!)

This week I also got let loose on a Hen Party on Saturday and then on Sunday we went into town to see the Christmas Lights switched on, by Anna, Elsa and Superman no less. Clara enjoyed dancing along to the music and eating hot dogs, Izzy was belting out the words to Let it Go as the ice princesses sang on stage, and was really impressed that she got to stroke a reindeer and meet Snow White. It was a big day for her, and an exhausting few days for us all! I clearly cannot handle any late nights, let alone two in a row celebrating a birthday and hen party.
This week on the blog…
  • We posted the first in a series of Christmas Gift Guides – this one all about advent calendars. 
  • It might not seem like much, especially if your blog has made it into the actual top 100 on Tots100, but this month my little blog jumped a whopping 430 places to number 926 in the ranking, out of over 8,000 blogs. Just making it into the top 1000 is huge achievement for me, and hopefully Kizzy, Izzy and Baby will continue to grow. I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, like, comment or share my posts so thank you!


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